What you put on your face is important - it takes some careful consideration to decide what suits you best. Of course, you want comfort and performance. But sunglass frames also make a personal statement, so why not let it reflect your unique personality. Whether you’re looking for sports-specific performance, casual wear, style or a combination of all three, here are some factors to consider when choosing your sunglass frames.

Your Design Choices in Sunglass Frames

You've got options upon options when it comes to decision time, so here are few popular frame designs for you to think about: Wraparounds:

Spy McCoy sunglasses; SPY McCoy prescription sunglasses

The wraparound design is extremely wide spread in sports for protection and stability. These have the advantage of giving you solid protection in front and on the sides. If an impact from a ball or projectile is a concern, wraparound frame shapes are a good choice (you should also check the frame’s ASTM safety rating). Aviator-style:

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer, Prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer (folded)

The timeless classic aviator frame design is often used for casual wear. This type of frame gives you a large lens surface for a greater visual field. Although it offers little in the way of side protection, it does give you more peripheral (non-prescription) vision. Sports rimless:

Nike Show X2 Prescription Sunglasses,

Nike Show X2 featured in Matte Black

Popularized by sports performance and their athletes, these sleek sunglass frames feature lenses that are attached to a single, rimless bar. Lenses are often interchangeable. You get ultra-lightweight comfort, a wide visual field, outstanding peripheral vision and superior protection with these types of sunglass frames.

Face Size and Shape

Some frames look great on one someone, while some may look completely ridiculous. Let's face it. Not everyone can pull off everything, so finding the perfect frame for your face is a rewarding escapade. Some sunglass frames are designed specifically for a woman's bone structure while others are constructed just for kids. You’ll find all SportRx product descriptions will help you match our frames to your face shape and size. And you can always contact us for help in finding your best frame size.

Comfort and Performance Features

Besides frame design and sizing, comfort and performance are matters to consider, especially if you're active. As all brands must differentiate themselves, each one has their own unique way of combing form and function into their sunglass frames. Small—but important—details, like the padding used for the nose and ear pieces, can affect how snug and comfortably your sunglasses feel. For example, many brands use advanced hydrophilic-megol rubber, which actually increases the grip on your skin the more you sweat. Some use softer and more pliable nose and ear padding for form-fitting comfort in casual wear frames. When shopping for online at SportRx for your sunglasses or eyeglasses, take note of the features and bring them in to consideration so you can have the most comfortable pair of eyewear for you and your active life.

Yes, You Can Find the Perfect Frame for You

While these are just a few factors to consider, you can also:

Although the choices are nearly endless, we promise there's a sunglass frame out there to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in terms of function, performance, comfort, style…or all the above. For help with finding the proper lens to go with your new frame, check out our analyzer tool, shop SportRx online to take a peak at our collection of endless options, or give our friendly opticians a call! We're here for you!