Versatile Sunglass Lenses for Low Light and Bright Light
Low Light and Bright Light Start to Finish Lenses for Prescription Sunglasses
The absolute best pre-built custom lens (at least in my opinion) is the Start to Finish lens, nick-named the “Dusk to Dawn.” It’s great for running, cycling, or any activity in general. If you ride your bike to work like my boss does, you’re hitting the road when the sun comes up and then riding home when the sun's going down. The Start to Finish is dark enough to protect from that bright early-morning sunlight, but is also light enough for those dimmer sunset conditions. So you get a perfect balance that you can wear all though the day from start to finish.

Similar to the Win Win lens, the Start to Finish is a nice high-contrast, rose-copper lens with a mirror finish – and just so you know, the mirror is not that bright 1980’s look that you may be thinking of. No one can walk up and fix their hair in your glasses. This is just a slight sheen on the lens that helps block that glare. It also comes equipped with a premium anti-reflective coating, neutralizing sunlight that reflects off the backside of the lens and into your eyes.

Now the reason I prefer the Start to Finish over the Win Win lens (which is great, too), is because these lenses aren't polarized. Don’t’ get me wrong, polarized is great; I love polarized lenses. But there are times when polarization is not ideal. For instance, when you’re having a hard time reading the smartphone or the tablet because of the way polarization alters digital readouts. Or when you can’t track the baseball pitch because of the way it affects depth perception.

So with this lens, you’re still able to cut out some glare with the mirror and the anti-reflective coating, without compromising depth perception or your ability to read anything that has an LCD screen. So my number one pick for lenses is the Start to Finish because it works for everything.

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ with Start To Finish Custom Lenses

Start to Finish Lenses in Oakley Flak jacket XLJ

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