Sport Sunglasses for Women

Sport Sunglasses for Women: Frames for Fashion & Function

Ok, ladies. We get it. Being the active women that we are, we need sport sunglasses that give us the anti-ageing UV protection we need without them looking so..."active." Oakley and Nike Vision understand this, and have made great strides to meet our fashion-function demands. Each of these hybrid sunglasses have durable lightweight frames and anti-slip nose grips, so whether you're hitting the hiking trails or lounging on the beach, these shades are perfect for the fashionista on the go.

Oakley Hall Pass - Look good and see better with some Oakley shades on your face. Lightweight frames and polarized lenses make the Hall Pass hard to pass up.

Oakley Hall Pass, Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Women

Oakley Hall Pass (black)

Oakley Urgency - Get what you need when you need it with the Oakley Urgency. From running trails to running into the mall, these fashion-function frames give you the coverage you need no matter what you're doing.

Oakley Urgency, Sport Sunglasses for Women

Oakley Urgency (raspberry spritzer)

Oakley Break Point - Love love LOVE these frames. From beach run to coffee shop, the Oakley Break Point provides max coverage and screams fabulous at the same time.

Oakley Break Point, Sport Sunglasses for Women

Oakley Break Point

Nike Siren - Soak up some sun with the Nike Siren. From a jog in the park to a poolside tanning sesh, keep those lashes shady with some sweet Siren sunglasses.

Nike Siren, Sport Sunglasses for Women

Nike Siren (tortoise)

Nike Gaze 2 - Get your gaze on with a little bit of a cateye. The Nike Gaze 2 is the perfect fashion-function frame for the active and in-vogue.

Nike Gaze 2, Sport Sunglasses for Women

Nike Gaze 2 (black)

Nike Miler - Get your miles in in style with the Nike Miler. These high-coverage fashion frames are primed and ready to go the distance.

Nike Miler, Sport Sunglasses for Women

Nike Miler (tortoise)

Need fashion-function frames in prescription? We've got you covered. Check out our blog to see more awesome sunglasses for women.