Smith Optics aren't just about goggles anymore. With the power of innovation, they've entered the sunglasses arena and won't be stepping down anytime soon. The trendsetters over at Smith will help you stay ahead of the pack too, with the Pivlock sport sunglasses.

Smith Pivlock Overdrive Sunglasses

Smith Pivlock Overdrive

Whether you're a pro athlete or out for your before work cycle, you won’t have to settle for mediocrity with the Smith Pivlock and ODS system. Instead, ensure your performance stacks the competition with a large lens that offers more coverage for high speeds or simply a better fit for a broader face.

The Smith Pivlock doesn't just stop at a larger frame for comfort either. They'll throw in performance-proven interchangeable lenses for every lighting situation. Foggy day on PCH? No worries, just switch out the lens color and ride on.

Smith Pivlock V2 Max, Tour de France Sunglasses, Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

Smith Pivlock V2 Max

The best part? Each lens has an ODS adapter system that is available as a prescription, thanks to the Sport Rx team. You'll be able to snap the ODS2 and ODS3 adapter into the Pivlock for corrective vision and a safer journey.

Smith even went a step further for your convenience. Heading to the mountains and forgot your prescription goggles? No worries. Grab your prescription ODS adapter, snap them into any Smith Turbo Fan Goggle, and gear up for a clear day of riding.

Check out the video below for a more in-depth breakdown of the Smith Pivlock inserts and hands on directions to make sure you've got all the kinks sorted out.

Itching to grab a pair of the Smith Pivlock Sunglasses with the prescribed ODS or the Turbo Fan goggles? Maybe you've got a few questions before making the commitment or questions about prescription sunglasses or prescription goggles in general? Give us a call and our team can help you out!