Shield Sunglasses and Prescription Shield Sunglasses: SportRx at Your Service!

Prescription Oakley Radar Pitch vs. Radar Path

Radarlock Pitch (left) vs. Radarlock Path (right)

Athletes of all kinds are quick to resort to shield sunglasses. And why wouldn’t you be inclined to pick up a pair of your own? Shield sunglasses offer maximum coverage for the most optimal protection and vision that’ll allow for enhanced performance while playing the sports you love.

Although the process is a bit complicated, shield sunglasses can be transformed into prescription shield sunglasses with the help of our amazing opticians. In fact, our SportRx opticians have combined their expertise with the science of Oakley sport sunglasses, and have created what has become highly popular prescription sport sunglasses as a result.

Here’s how it works:

Sunglasses like the Oakley Radar EV Path and the Oakley Jawbreaker are constructed with a single lens shield, hence what makes their name, “shield sunglasses.” However, this single lens make-up is what puts optical abilities to the test. Implementing prescription is challenging, but not impossible. To say that SportRx is up for the challenge is an understatement.

We make do with the Embedded Lens System. Imagine cutting two large sections out of the lens with a laser. When this happens, the remainder of the lens is left to act like a regular frame like other sunglasses. When transforming your shield sunglasses into prescription shield sunglasses, the now-empty frame enables us to mount a prescription lens into it.

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The result of these types of prescription sunglasses has been amazing. They are extremely functional, very durable, the lenses are in place very well, and they offer a unique high-tech look.

While there is some getting used to with the “frame” surrounding your prescription, people tend to adjust very easily and quickly. Because of the way this prescription technology works, some of the field of vision is subtracted. However, they are still going to be generally bigger than your day-to-day eye glasses, so you’re still going to get a wide range of coverage and peripheral vision.

Popular Shield Sunglasses:

Oakley Jawbreaker

Oakley has done it again! Oakley engineers have had a breakthrough with a revolutionary new design that will answer the cries of world-class athletes searching for the ultimate sports design eyewear!

Oakley Jawbreaker Shield Sunglasses

Oakley innovation has reached the peak of performance by throwing the kitchen sink and more into their new Oakley Jawbreaker deign. Revolutionary lens technology fine-tunes vision for any sport environment, including an extended field peripheral vision, Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads to maintain a secure and comfortable grip to keep sunglasses in place, despite perspiration, Switchlock interchangeable lenses for hassle-free lens changes in seconds to insure vision precision, and the patented High Definition Optics provide superior optical clarity. Oakley Jawbreaker has everything you need to reach peak athletic performance! To add to the innovation of these shield sunglasses, SportRx opticians have the capabilities to utilize the embedded lens system to transform them into Oakley Jawbreaker prescription shield sunglasses.

Oakley Radar EV Path

Want to see it all while on the open road or playing your favorite sport? Oakley Radar EV Path has come out with a revolutionary deign with tall lenses that extend the upper peripheral field of view! Allowing you to see it all when it really matters.

Oakley Radar EV Path lenses have been engineered for maximized airflow and ventilation, contains Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads to insure glasses are secure, and interchangeable lenses, so you and your glasses can adapt to any situation and optimize your performance. The Oakley Radar EV comes in seven different lens colors: Black Iridium, Black Iridium Polarized, Grey, Grey Polarized, g30 iridium, VR28 Black Iridium, and Clear.

Need a customized pair of your own next generation Oakley shield sunglasses or prescription shield sunglasses? Give us a call or shoot us a LiveChat! SportRx can customize your Oakley prescription shield sunglasses with any of your prescription needs, and we'd be more than happy to do so!