There are many skills involved in recreational shooting. Anyone who’s been to the firing range knows that. But regardless of your skill level, something we all have in common when we square up to the target is that we need to be able to see where we’re aiming. When it comes to eyewear for shooting, you need more than just pristine clarity. Lens color, coverage, and contrast are all factors to think about when selecting your shooting sunglasses. That’s why we rounded up the best Ray-Ban shooting glasses to help you earn that expert shooting badge. Keep reading to find the best frames for you - prescription included.

Best Ray-Ban Shooting Glasses

1. Aviator Shooting Sunglasses
1.1. Ray-Ban RB3029 Outdoorsman II
1.2. Ray-Ban RB3138 Shooter
1.3. Ray-Ban RB3030 Outdoorsman

2. Aviators With Shallow Lenses
2.1. Ray-Ban RB3362 Cockpit
2.2. Ray-Ban RB3136 Caravan
2.3. Ray-Ban RB3119 Olympian

3. Wrap Around Shooting Sunglasses
3.1. Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama
3.2. Ray-Ban RB2027 Predator 2
3.3. Ray-Ban RB2016 Daddy-O

4. ANSI Rated Lenses

Aviator Shooting Sunglasses

The Aviator is more than just an iconic Ray-Ban style. Aviators are durable, lightweight, and come in many different sizes. The lens height varies on each model, so you can select the right amount of coverage for your specific shooting conditions. Each Aviator-style frame has adjustable nose pads to help customize the lens placement for a comfortable and ideal sight alignment. The lens height varies on each model, so you can select the right amount of coverage for your specific shooting conditions. For a frame that looks great on and off the shooting range, check out the best Ray-Ban Aviators for shooting.

Ray-Ban RB3029 Outdoorsman II

Kicking off the Aviator category is the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II. This frame has the same teardrop shape as the original Aviator and features an acetate sweat bar. The bar prevents sweat and debris from obscuring your vision, so you can focus on the target, not the elements. The tall height of the crystal-clear G-15 lenses keeps the frame edges out of your line of sight. It’s great for things like clay shooting, when targets are flying at varying heights.


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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 143mm

Ray-Ban RB3138 Shooter

Next up is the Ray-Ban Shooter. Look familiar? This is the iconic frame that Johnny Depp’s character wore in the film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Movie star moment aside, this frame puts a unique twist on the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II. This sunglass features a vanity bullet hole for a standout look. With the same acetate sweat bar and teardrop lenses as the Outdoorsman II, this frame provides the functionality and protection you need.


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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 138mm

Ray-Ban RB3030 Outdoorsman

We went over the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II, so now let’s take a look at the original. With the Ray-Ban RB3030 original Outdoorsman, you get the look of the Shooter with a bonus — cable temples. The temple tips wrap behind the ears, so the frame stays in place, even with a strong recoil.

Ray-Ban shooting glasses: RAY-BAN RB3030 OUTDOORSMAN in ARISTA - CRYSTAL GREEN

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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 136mm

Aviators With Shallow Lenses

Ray-Ban RB3362 Cockpit

Moving on to our Aviators with shallow lenses, we begin with the Ray-Ban RB3362 Cockpit. This Ray-Ban takes ‌Aviator design to the next level. The Cockpit is great for those who love the lightweight frame of the classic Aviator, but want a more shallow lens height. The shallow lenses on the Ray-Ban Cockpit work well when shooting a rifle, as they allow extra space for your cheek to rise when resting on the comb.


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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 133mm, 138mm

Ray-Ban RB3136 Caravan

Much like the Ray-Ban Cockpit, the Ray-Ban RB3136 Caravan is great for those who love the metal Aviator frame but don’t love the teardrop shape. The Ray-Ban Caravan comes with a slightly shallower lens than the Cockpit and features square lenses for an edgier look.


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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 131mm, 136mm

Ray-Ban RB3119 Olympian

Last up on our list of Aviator shooting glasses is the Ray-Ban RB3119 Olympian. This pair of sunglasses has a bold top brow bar for a distinct shiny feature. These lenses are the shallowest of the Aviator shooting glasses and are great for pop-up target practice, as the slight wrap around provides a less obstructed peripheral view.


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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 130mm, 133mm

Wrap Around Shooting Sunglasses

Wrap around frames work great as safety and shooting glasses. Their curved shape follows the curvature of the head, cutting obstruction from side shields, and ultimately providing great peripheral vision. When in prescription, these lenses work best with a digital lens to ensure there is no distortion from the lens curvature.

Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama

The first to kick off the list of Ray-Ban wrap around frames is the Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama. Seen in many Hollywood films, this nylon frame provides lightweight coverage for all-day comfort. The upward shape of the Balorama gives a vicious look and a confidence boost. The RB4089 features a ‌ sportier style than the Aviator frames, as this frame doesn’t feature any major metal components.


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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 137mm

Ray-Ban RB2027 Predator 2

Next up on the wrap around list is the Ray-Ban RB2027 Predator 2. Much like the brow bar on the Ray-Ban Olympian, the Ray-Ban Predator 2 brow bar is seamlessly joined with the frame front and temples. The temple tips feature raised etchings to help with grip and comfort.

Ray-Ban shooting glasses: RAY-BAN RB2027 PREDATOR 2 in BLACK / MATTE BLACK - CRYSTAL GREEN

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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 142mm

Ray-Ban RB2016 Daddy-O

Last up on our list of Ray-Ban shooting glasses is the Ray-Ban RB2016 Daddy-O. This frame features rubberized temple tips to help the frame stay in place. The Daddy-O lenses can hold a wide range of prescriptions, making them a great option for those with a high Rx.

Ray-Ban shooting glasses: RAY-BAN RB2016 DADDY-O in BLACK - GREEN

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SportRx Frame Width (SFW) : 133mm

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ANSI Rated Lenses

If you want the lenses in your Ray-Ban Shooting glasses to be as safe as possible, give SportRx a call. We have friendly opticians available 7 days a week who can place a special order, ensuring your lenses are comparable to that of ANSI standards! Although these Ray-Ban frames are great for shooting practice, the frames themselves are not ANSI rated so the lenses will NOT feature the ANSI stamp. Despite that, we can custom-make your lenses to be more impact resistant upon request. For any questions, click here to talk to a certified optician.

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