A favorite of the ‘60s counter-culture, Ray-Ban round sunglasses continue to be the preferred eyewear for progressive individuals of today’s generations. Universally flattering with their delicate phantos shape, minimalist metal frame, and instantly recognizable style, Ray-Ban round sunglasses carry cultural associations that few other sunglasses can boast. Explore the frame that started the trend and discover how this impactful style influenced a complete collection of Ray-Ban round sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses

1. RB3447 Round Metal
2. RB3857 Frank
3. RB3548N Hexagonal
4. RB4171 Erika
5. RB2180
6. RB2185 Wayfarer II

RB3447 Round Metal

The most iconic of all Ray-Ban round sunglasses, the RB3447 Round Metal gives psychedelic flashbacks to the sixties. Inspired by the age of peace and love, these minimalist sunglasses were made famous by legendary musicians of the era. What started as a trend proved to be timeless, and generations have been loving this iconic style since its debut. Today, the Ray-Ban Round Metal is available with a plethora of lens colors and finishes making it the ultimate expression of your unique style.

ray-ban round sunglasses rb3447 in matte gold with blue mirror lenses

Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal in Matte Gold with Blue Mirror Polarized Lenses

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RB3857 Frank

Introducing Frank, the newest member of the Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses Collection. Inspired by the RB3447 Round Metal, the contemporary RB3857 Frank adds a fresh spin to this iconic style with a new lens shape. Featuring a slightly squared lens, soft curves add an extra dose of visual interest while maintaining the overall minimalist design. A favorite of '90s babies, Frank has quickly skyrocketed in popularity and is here to stay. Also, keep an eye out for Frank's very special gold logo!

ray-ban round sunglasses rb3857 frank in black with green lenses and gold ray-ban logo

Ray-Ban RB3857 Frank in Black with G-15 Lenses

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RB3548N Hexagonal

If you enjoy standing out from a crowd, the Ray-Ban Hexagonal is the perfect conversation starter. This unique geometric shape embraces its round origins but is ultimately a style of its own. Soft angles maintain a flattering fit while flat lenses add that extra special touch. Not to mention, you still get all the comfortable fit details of a Ray-Ban metal frame, like adjustable nose pads and covered temple tips. The Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal proves comfort doesn't have to compromise impeccable style.

ray-ban rb3548n hexagonal sunglasses in gold with g-15 lenses

Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal in Gold with G-15 Lenses

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RB4171 Erika

Branching out from the traditional metal construction, the Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika utilizes a gorgeous mixed-composition to enhance its timeless design. A nylon frame front features oversized round lenses that contrast the minimalist metal temples. A keyhole bridge creates a comfortable and flattering fit while covered temple tips are perfectly adjustable to your unique fit. The Ray-Ban Erika is available with several color combinations, making this the perfect accessory to finish off any look.

ray-ban round sunglasses rb4171 erika in light havana with green g-15 lenses

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika in Light Havana with G-15 Lenses

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The Ray-Ban Round goes acetate in the RB2180 sunglasses. This lightweight and durable material lends itself to all-day comfort and extra coverage. Similar to the Erika, the RB2180 features a keyhole bridge that is highlighted on either side by round lenses. Silver details elevate the look as rivets on the frame front and signature logo on the temples. If you love the Ray-Ban Round style, but aren't a fan of metal frames, you'll be delighted with the comfort in the RB2180.

ray-ban rb2180 round sunglasses in black with green lenses

Ray-Ban RB2180 in Black with G-15 Lenses

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RB2185 Wayfarer II

Perhaps the most surprising of the bunch, let us introduce the Wayfarer II! A member of both the Ray-Ban Round and Wayfarer Collections, this unique style stands out no matter the category. As a Wayfarer, the RB2185 embraces bold design with eye-catching angles and signature Wayfarer rivets. However, where the style really excels is the modified cat-eye shape created by the browline's uplift. This unexpected design makes the RB2185 Wayfarer II sunglasses one of the most flattering sunglasses of both collections.

ray-ban rb2185v wayfarer ii in black with g-15 lenses

Ray-Ban RB2185V Wayfarer II in Black with G-15 Lenses

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