Get ready to let the good times roll and say ‘sayonara’ to 2020! While this holiday season may look a little different from the others (Who's setting up grandma’s zoom? Is that 2PM my time or your time? Where are your pants?), we’ll still be celebrating the way we know best – together.

Sure, we have new technology questions to figure out, but that doesn’t get us off the hook from the annual question of “What to gift?” SportRx is here to help you ring in the most wonderful time of the year, from the comfort of your home. We’ve curated thoughtful gifts for the ones we love most that prove great things come in small packages. Our elves are ready to deliver holiday cheer and what better way than with a pair of iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses. A gift that celebrates one’s individuality, embraces their unique style, and accompanies them through the years – just like you.

Ray-Ban Holiday Gift Guide

1. For the Fashionista
2. For the Movie-Buff
3. For the Tech Lover
4. For the Luxury Connoisseur
5. For the Traveler
6. For the Athlete
7. For the Free Spirit
8. For the Kids
9. For the Prescription Wearer

The Fashionista

She is always impeccably dressed, creates unique combinations that others would never think to match, has a gift at choosing the perfect finishing accessory, and is always up to offering friendly fashion advice. We admire her from afar, or are lucky to have her in our innermost circle, the Fashionista is not one to follow trends because she is effortlessly setting them. She uses fashion as a means of self-expression and needs a frame to match her personality and outfit of the day.

Introducing the Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika, a perfectly versatile accessory that does more than look good. Oversized lenses are frequently embraced in the fashion world but also provide excellent coverage from UV rays - or flashing cameras. Available in a variety of playful color combinations, choose the one you think best represents your fashionista’s unique style.

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika in Transparent Light Brown with oversized round lenses in brown gradient

Ray-Ban RB4171 in Transparent Light Brown with Brown Gradient Dark Brown Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika

The Movie-Buff

They have a list of favorites per genre, can spew behind-the-scenes facts as if they were part of production, and are the one you go to when you need a movie recommendation. For the cinema-lover who's seen them all, only an iconic frame deserves their attention and meets their expectations. And the award goes to… the Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer. This Hollywood favorite is frequently featured on A-listers in equally iconic movies such as, The Blues Brothers (1980), Risky Business (1983), Reservoir Dogs (1992), and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). The list goes on and chances are your movie-buff can easily spot the Original Wayfarer in their favorite films.

Ray-Ban Holiday Gift Guide featuring RB2140 Original Wayfarer in black with green g-15 lenses

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer in Black with G-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer

The Tech Lover

Our personal web-developer on speed dial. This friend or family member practices ceaseless patience with our never-ending computer related questions. Whether he’s helping to install a new program, showing grandpa how the number on his phone’s home screen is in fact not the incorrect date, but his messages, or simply spending time taking a computer apart “for fun,” it’s fair to imagine how difficult our lives would be in the 21st century without our tech friend.

Show them how much you appreciate their help with a pair of sunglasses that embrace the newest Ray-Ban lens technology. The RB4264 Chromance sunglasses feature Chromance lenses that boast brighter colors, enhanced contrast, and better clarity. This cutting-edge technology will provide them with a superior optical experience and keep them looking cool with vibrant lens color options.

Ray-Ban Holiday Gift Guide featuring RB4264 Chromance sunglasses in matte black with blue flash chromance lenses

Ray-Ban RB4264 Chromance in Matte Black with Blue Flash Chromance Lenses

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The Luxury Connoisseur

Success comes in many forms, and for some those pursuits are celebrated with the finer things in life. Leading by example, this friend encourages us to “treat yourself” as they relish their freshly poured glass of Moët & Chandon. Their enthusiasm for high-quality goods and experiences is intoxicating and you can’t help but feel drawn in by the life they create for themselves.

What could feel like a daunting task of purchasing a gift for the one who has everything, is made easy when you take a step back and realize how much they appreciate the things they surround themselves with. Good taste isn’t tied to a price tag. Quality craftsmanship, innovative materials, and timeless style are brought to life in the Ray-Ban RB3507 Clubmaster Aluminum sunglasses. This iconic frame exudes confidence and feels ultra-luxurious when worn due to its full aluminum build. Gold details enhance the Clubmaster Aluminum’s beauty with signature rivets, adjustable nose pads, and barrel hinges. For the luxury connoisseur, attention to detail is what makes the difference and they’ll be nothing short of impressed with your choice of sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Holiday Gift Guide RB3507 Clubmaster Aluminum sunglasses in black with green g-15 polarized lenses

Ray-Ban RB3507 Clubmaster Aluminum in Black Arista with G-15 Polarized Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3507 Clubmaster Aluminum

The Traveler

The one who responds to your text at 3AM because it's noon for them. They have alerts set on their phone for when flight prices drop. And they can be tricky to catch but have a plethora of stories to share when you do. For our frequent fliers who need an equally dynamic and versatile sunglass to keep up with their ever-evolving escapades, the Ray-Ban RB2248 Caribbean is the perfect travel accessory. Inspired by the Golden Age of the 60’s jet set lifestyle, the Caribbean is effortlessly stylish and its neutral color options make it a no-brainer accessory. Which comes in handy when that 9 hour time difference is testing your fatigue.

Ray-Ban RB2248 Caribbean sunglasses in striped red with green g-15 lenses on white background

Ray-Ban RB2248 Caribbean in Striped Havana with G-15 Lenses

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The Athlete

At SportRx, it’s only natural to include Ray-Ban sunglasses for our like-minded athletes. Testing their limits, pushing boundaries, and being some of the most motivated people we know, athletes are at the heart of what we do. When they have their eye on the prize, they need a frame that can enhance their performance - not distract from it. The Ray-Ban RB2016 Daddy-O has continued to be one of the most popular Ray-Ban sunglasses at SportRx and is the perfect performance piece for the athlete in your life. With its superior coverage, optimal wind protection, and texturized temple tips, the Daddy-O stays perfectly in place while protecting from the elements. Not to mention, your athlete will look great even outside the competition.

ray-ban rb2016 daddy o sunglasses in matte black with green lenses on white background

Ray-Ban RB2016 Daddy-O in Matte Black with G-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB2016 Daddy-O

The Free Spirit

We all have a social butterfly in our life. They light up a room, make you feel like you’ve known them for years when you’ve just exchanged names, have an effortless way of making you laugh, and never stay in one place too long. Often found at music festivals, backpacking, or volunteering, a free-spirit needs a lightweight frame that doesn’t hold them back. The Ray-Ban RB3857 Frank pulls inspiration from the Round Metal, an icon of the 60s and its forward-minded thinkers. Frank puts its own unique twist with a square lens that embraces the ideologies of its predecessor while making way for a unique voice in the modern era.

Ray-Ban RB3857 Frank sunglasses in gold with square crystal lenses in g-15 green

Ray-Ban RB3857 Frank in Legend Gold with G-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3857 Frank

The Kids

For the little girl who puts on mommy’s heels, or the little boy who watches daddy put on his tie, your mini-me is forever admiring and emulating their favorite person in the world – you. Make them feel like a big kid with sunglasses that match yours. The Ray-Ban RJ9506S Junior Aviator features a style identical to the adult RB3025 Aviator. They receive the same quality and craftsmanship we know and love from Ray-Ban in a perfect fit for them. While they will be delighted to look like mommy or daddy, you will have the added bonus in knowing their eyes are receiving 100% UV protection.

Ray-Ban Holiday gift guide featuring kids aviators rj9506s junior aviator in gold with green lenses

RJ9506S Junior Aviator in Gold with G-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RJ9506S Junior Aviator

The Prescription Wearer

Whether you're shopping for the fashionista, techie, traveler, or anyone from your holiday list, share the gift of vision with Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses. All of the styles in the Ray-Ban Holiday Gift Guide 2020 are available with prescription, so the choice of frame is up to you! We recommend embracing the complete Ray-Ban Experience by selecting Ray-Ban Authentic Lenses for your prescription wearer. Masters of their designs and lens technologies, Ray-Ban will tailor-make the prescription sunglasses to the recipient's vision needs. Ray-Ban prescription lenses also feature the iconic signature logo and RB etching so you know they're getting the quality and craftsmanship that only Ray-Ban can provide. To keep it a surprise, you may have to do a little detective work to obtain their prescription, but we assure you any efforts will be well worth it!

Or take it easy with a gift they'll be guaranteed to love, a SportRx Gift Card! They can pick their perfect pair of sunglasses and customize them to their prescription needs. Thanks to you!

sportrx gift card for ray ban holiday gift card

The Gift Guaranteed to Fit!

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Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Gifting can be hard. We take great care in choosing the perfect gift for our loved ones and aim to please. While we firmly believe in "it's the thought that counts," take confidence in knowing that the recipient of your gift is backed by our See Better Guarantee. If they are not 100% satisfied with their Ray-Ban sunglasses, simply let us know within 45 days. We'll be happy to coordinate an exchange and get them into a new pair of Ray-Bans they will be sure to love. And if you're shopping for the prescription wearer, this includes Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses too!

Have questions about any of the frames in our Ray-Ban Holiday Gift Guide? Contact us! We have a friendly team of opticians available 7 days a week. We'll help you shop for others – or yourself!