Have you ever played baseball under pressure? Did you somebody scream like you must hit the home run? I bet you felt nervous and probably you were not really comfortable to stand there. Even though nobody tells you what to do, you get frustrated because of the pressure by yourself. Think about what if you can overcome from those kinds of situations by training yourself. Try these 5 tips for performing under pressure and play better.

Tips for Performing Under Pressure | Baseball Tips

Think Positive

Think about how you can stand on the field. See it as a positive opportunity. You already had a great job to step on the ground. Think like you can do it but also think like nothing won’t be the worst even though you don’t hit the ball. The world won’t be destroyed because you don’t make five run home run.

Don’t Try to Be a Hero

Pressure makes you to think that you need to hit up home runs. Don’t try too much to win the game and bet yourself on your hitting. People may say something that makes you have pressure but stay within yourself.

Play The Game One Pitch at A Time

You are not supposed to be stuck in the past. Even though your past or previous hit didn’t go well, try to focus on the present moment. Win this current pitch for now and then work on the next one.

Imagine Past Successful Moment

Imagine your successful experience and let it motivate you in the present. Learn from what you’ve done before. Think about what you did to success in the past, and then your mind will give you the confidence and directions to success again. The best motivation is yourself.

Train to be Calm

Keep training yourself to be clam even when you are out of the ground. In daily life, you can train your mind in peace and it definitely help you to play baseball under pressure. Also, you learn how to be patient from intense cardio exercises consistently to reach goals.