In order to become a precision dominator of the outfield, you must avoid these three common mistakes outfielders make. Mastering these moves will allow you to become faster, set up a good throwing position quicker, and position yourself better in the right spot at all times. Follow along to overcome these common outfield mistakes and learn how to become a better outfielder!

Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees

Stutter Step

Wasting the first step as a stutter step is a big mistake. You don't want to waste time because time is your best friend as an outfielder. Your first movement is key because it sets up your body for the sprint to get yourself in the right spot to make a catch. From your ready position, what you want to do with your first step is called a drop step. A drop step means that right when you see the ball in the air, your first step is automatically backward. Doing this allows you to get under the ball giving you a better feel for the trajectory. Also, taking your first step back is helpful because you would rather want the ball to drop in front of you rather than behind you over your head, which could lead to extra bases for the hitter.

Drifting To Fly Balls

Often times, outfielders will jog to the spot of the ball rather than sprinting. Most of this mistake is poor timing, however springing towards the general direction of the landing spot gives you more time to adjust to make the catch. Also, doing this will enhance the power of your throw to the infield. When you sprint to the ball and have a better idea of exactly where the ball will drop, you will be able to position yourself for the perfect transition into a crow-hop for a strong and quick release towards the target.

Starting In the Same Spot For Every Hitter

If you stand in the same position for every hitter, you are making a big mistake. Baseball is also a huge mental game. It is crucial to pay attention where specific hitter's tendencies are when it comes to which general direction they hit the ball. Of course, it won't be easy especially if you've never faced the batter before. However, you should be able to make an educated guess depending on their spot in the lineup. For example, leadoff hitters usually are not power hitters so you should take a couple steps forward.

When you get to the number three, four or five hitter, you should step back because usually, those are the power hitters. Usually, power hitters are "pull-happy hitters", meaning they like to pull the ball to their left if they are right-handed. So, take a couple steps to your right to adjust to for these kinds of hitters. Anticipate your opponent and read the game and the hitter's tendencies!

Losing The Ball In The Sun

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