Is your Kiddo looking for some stylish sport sunglasses? Oakley Turbine XS sunglasses are a performance frame that is designed to keep up with the craziest activities, and look great for every day use as well! The Turbine XS has all the same great features as the adult Turbine sunglasses, so you know these are some high quality youth frames. For parents who are worried about buying a nice pair of sunglasses for their kid that they might break, Oakley Turbine XS are extremely durable sunglasses that will last a long time.

Oakley Turbine XS

Oakley has so many kids pumped with this new kid's collection crafted for the young and fearless! Oakley has made their best-selling Men's sunglasses available in youth sizes. These are perfect sunglasses for your kids because they'll offer style, protection, and durability. As a parent, they'll let you rest assured knowing your kid is getting the best of the best. Oakley's signature 3-point system allows the sunglasses to grow as your kid grows, so no more having to get sunglasses adjusted! The lightweight design of the Oakley Turbine XS also makes these sunglasses super comfortable for day-to-day use. The Unobtanium feature will keep theses sunglasses in place, and prevent them from sliding up and down your kid's face during performance. If you're looking for a youth pair of sporty lifestyle kid's sunglasses, these are a great find!

Oakley Turbine Xs prescription youth sunglasses


Get Your Oakley Turbine XS Prescription Sunglasses

Basically, your kids can be little trendsetters just like their parents are! The Oakley Turbine XS is performance and style ready. Does your kid need a little extra assistance with his or her vision? The Oakley Turbine XS sunglasses can be custom-tailored to your kid's prescriptions needs. Just get in touch with an optician from SportRx today and they'll gladly help craft you prescription Oakley Turbine XS sunglasses!