Oakley Tinfoil review, Prescription Oakley Tinfoil

Oakley Tinfoil

The Oakley Tinfoil is made out of high modulous stainless steal (say that 10 times fast). Basically, what that means is you're getting a flexible, durable frame that has has a super sleek look. These frames have adjustable nose pads and slip-resistant unobtanium temples (we wouldn't expect anything less, Oakley).

The really cool thing about these sunglasses is...(drum roll please)...the hinges! The tinfoil is part of Oakley's Hollowpoint Collection. If you're a sunglass enthusiast like me, chances are, you've had to deal with a missing screw from time to time. So Oakley, being the cool, innovative people they are, designed the Oakley Tinfoil with screwless hinges. That's right. Screwless hinges so that you don't have any screws to worry about in the first place! Plus, they won't loosen over time, so your glasses maintain that nice, secure fit.

Oakley Tinfoil review, Oakley Tinfoil Hindge

Oakley Tinfoil - screwless hindge

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