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Oakley Review: TinCan vs. Tinfoil|SportRx

The new Oakley TinCan and the Oakley Tinfoil are two awesome pair of shades. These glasses are part of Oakley's Hollowpoint Collection equipped with the new screwless hinge so you no longer have to worry about loose or lost screws! Both frames feature Unobtainium earsocks which get stickier as you get hotter, ensuring less slip, even while you sweat. Plus, the nosepads on these glasses are adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Aside from the style differences, the specs are almost identical and both frames fit about the same. With the release of these two Oakley shades, SportRx wants to help distinguish which Oakley style works best for you! Below we have reviewed both shades to show these slight but significant style differences:

The TinCan is constructed of ultra-lightweight stainless steel which gives the frames a bulky wearable futuristic look and feel. As mentioned above, the TinCan is part of the Hollowpoint Collection, so although they may look bulky, they are still sleek fashionable.

The Tinfoil is designed with a faux half rim, where the metal shapes around the glasses and thins out at the bottom. This gives the frame an open bottom feel and a less bulky appearance than the TinCan. This design provides a more sleek style without compromising the durability of the frame.

The main difference is whether you prefer a thinner frame or a thicker frame, but regardless of which frame you choose, both the Oakley TinCan and the Oakley Tinfoil will provide style and top-notch quality. Check out our video full our full TinCan vs. TinFoil review!

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