Oakley Racing Jacket vs. Oakley Jawbone.
Oakley Racing Jacket vs. Oakley Jawbone prescription sunglasses

Original Oakley Jawbone (left) Oakley Racing Jacket (right)

There’s been a little confusion about the difference between the Oakley Racing Jacket and the Oakley Jawbone, so let’s clear it up. Simply put, these glasses are nearly identical. Oakley just took the original Jawbone and renamed it, so the Jawbone has been replaced by the Racing Jacket. All of the parts are interchangeable between the two models. Now I say they're nearly identical because there are two differences worth noting.

First, each pair of new Oakley Racing Jackets comes with two different colors of Oakley "O" icons that snap into the temples, allowing you to switch them out and customize the look. The original Jawbone on the other hand, comes standard with one icon color that is not interchangeable.

Second, all of the non-prescription lenses in the new Racing Jacket have anti-fog vents, while only some of the lenses came vented with the Oakley Jawbone. Nevertheless, when you order SportRx prescription lenses for either of these models, you have the option to get your lenses with or without the anti-fog vents.

Whether you already own a pair of the original Jawbones, or are looking at the newly-named Oakley Racing Jacket, you are absolutely going to love these sunglasses for riding. In fact, the Oakley Racing Jacket is my personal favorite—I've probably put in more than 20,000 miles with these sweet shades on my mug.

If you have more questions about the Jawbone, Racing Jacket, or any of Oakley’s awesome frames, feel free to call and speak to an optician or shoot us an email us at info@sportrx.com.