Oakley PRIZM Daily lenses fine-tune the environment we experience on a day-to-day basis in order to enhance colors and deliver a more pleasing, relaxing visual experience. These lenses improve comfort in varying light conditions in order to optimize your own lifestyle.

Key Benefits of Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses:

- Sharpens visual acuity so you can see more clearly and react more quickly

- Enhances detail recognition to help you spot what you need to see in enough time to react

- Optimizes your peripheral vision in order to see and track moving objects in all directions

- Improves performance to help you compete with confidence

- Makes dull colors richer and more vibrant for enhanced contrast, delivering an overall more pleasing visual experience

- Enables deeper reds, a more lively blue sky, vibrant shades of yellow and orange, and blooming hues of green foliage to be seen

- HDPolarized lenses block 99% of reflected glare, keeping eyes comfortable while driving

How Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology Works

Through the fine-tuning of individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM creates a visual sharpness like no other to reveal aspects in our day to day lives that would be missed by the naked eye. With this revolutionary technology, normally washed out, flat, or dull landscapes now become rich in color and mentally stimulating.

Top 3 Oakley PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

1 | Oakley Latch SQ PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley Latch SQ PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

If style is what your looking for, then the Oakley Latch SQ is the frame for you. Its sharp look is accompanied with rectangular lens shaping, classic keyhole bridge, and unique interior kick-up feature which clips on nicely to your shirt, all of which makes for the perfect blend of originality and convenience. Although this sunglass might look like the perfect set of shades for kicking back on the beach, it's so much more. The Latch is also exceptionally functional with unbeatable Plutonite lenses, which offer top UV protection, filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. To top it all off, the Latch also comes equipped with a Three-Point Fit for precise optical alignment and O Matter stress-resistant frame material creating a lightweight but very durable frame.

2 | Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses

The Oakley Turbine is the perfect combination of active and daily wear due to its extreme durability and lightweight feel. These Oakley sunglasses feature a three-Point fit for a precise optical alignment, and O-Matter stress-resistant frame material from long-lasting comfort. The addition of Plutonite lenses delivers top UV protection, as it works to filter 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily sunglasses ensure optimal protection, comfort, and an enhanced visual experience wherever you wear them.

3 | Oakley Sliver PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley Sliver XL Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Sliver XL PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

The Oakley Sliver is the definition of sleek. It's lightweight and stylish design makes for a pair of shades that can truly be worn wherever life might take you. With the addition of Plutonite lenses for top UV protection, Three-Point Fit for precise optical alignment, and an O-Matter stress-resistant frame, these glasses can truly do it all.

Where To Get Your Pair of Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses

Find the perfect pair of Oakley PRIZM Daily sunglasses for your needs online at SportRx. If you have any questions pertaining to Oakley PRIZM lenses, Oakley lifestyle sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses in general, we’re here for you, every day of the week! Contact us via phone, email or LiveChat and we’ll be sure to help you out.