CALLING ALL OAKLEY HEADS! It’s 2015 and Oakley has rolled out with some new freshness! Brought to you by the mad scientists at Oakley is the MADMAN and the BADMAN! These crazy unique Oakley collector’s sunglasses are getting so much hype in the Oakley world for their iconic engineering and retro-futuristic (oxymoron?) design.

From the vein of Mars is born the Oakley Madman. The Oakley Madman is a statement piece, for sure, and is inspired by the previous X Metal. These edgy Oakley sunglasses are constructed with a high-modulus, die cast aluminum and a combination of sandblasted O Matter for super lightweight, all-day-wear.


The Oakley Madman has custom-engineered spring hinges, and although they look crazy, they’re super comfortable. With a healthy dose of unobtanium on the nose pads and ear stems, these bad boys increase grip the hotter you get and the more you sweat.

The Oakley Madman also features Oakley’s Three-Point Fit System and comes in some really fun colors with metal O icons and a really cool hard case included! And yes, you can get the Oakley Madman in prescription!

Oakley Badman side view, Oakley Badman prescription sunglasses

Enter the Oakley Badman. The Oakley Badman is inspired by the previous Oakley X Metal Juliet design, and is a subdued version of the Oakley Madman. The Badman has the more of an everyday styling. These unique sunglasses are constructed with a combination of sandblasted O Matter with high-modulus, die-cast aluminum with custom engineered spring hinges.

The Oakley Badman stays flaunting the cool in a very wearable design. It comes equipped with the no-slip unobtanium nose pads and earsocks, and feature Oakley’s Three-Point-Fit System so they’re super comfortable and stay in-place all day long. The Oakley Badman comes in a variety of ridiculously cool colors. And of course, you can get the Oakley Badman in prescription!

*These frames have been discontinued but if you are looking for the latest technical glasses from Oakley, hit us up here!