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Holbrook (left) vs. Holbrook LX (right)

What does LX mean in Holbrook LX?
LX stands for luxurious (go figure.) So, what does that even mean? Well, the main difference between the LX and the standard Oakley Holbrook is the material of the frame.

Frame Material:
The regular Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are made out of Oakley’s O-Matter material. But there’s nothing standard about it. The material is super lightweight, super durable, and super comfortable, surpassing any ordinary pair of lifestyle sunglasses.

The Oakley Holbrook LX is made out of handmade acetate, which is basically a fancy frame material. It’s a high-quality material that is also lightweight and durable, and it will give the glasses the ability to have certain designs in them, such as stripes, etc. *This frame has been discontinued but you can shop the rest of the Oakley Holbrook Collection here. We also have a complete Oakley Holbrook guide explaining the differences between each model.

The Oakley Holbrook LX has barrel hinges- something that is featured on a lot of the fancier sunglasses. So instead of having the sport hinge that the standard Holbrook has, the LX hinge is a little more heavy duty.

The regular Holbrook goes from about $120 to $180, depending on features like polarized lenses, color, etc.

Bottom Line:
It’s all about personal preference, but for me, I prefer the overall look and feel of the Holbrook. Everyone has their own style though and I will say the LX frames are a pretty sweet looking frame as well.

Oakley Holbrook LX, Oakley Prescription Holbrook LX

Oakley Holbrook LX

If you have any further questions about the difference between the two Oakley Holbrook models, we would be more than happy to answer them. Give us a call, we'll share our Oakley sunglasses knowledge, and help you find the best pair of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses or Oakley Holbrook prescription sunglasses.