From it's very start, Oakley has viewed limitations like that of world class athletes: another challenge accepted. In 1980, Oakley introduced its first pair of goggles with a classic, green hue. Inspired by top sports performances that have made history, Oakley has tapped into it's own history, reintroducing the iconic green look. The Oakley '80's Green Collection honors the brand's vintage heritage just in time for the 2016 Olympics to ensure the best athletes are provided with the best eyewear. The Oakley Green Fade Collection is just another way Oakley continues to defend it's reputation among the world's top athletes as the most innovative, highest performing sunglass brand on the planet.

Behind the Scenes of these Hand-Painted Oakley Sunglasses

Every frame in the Oakley Green Fade Collection is individually hand painted with the fading green hue. Hand painting allowed Oakley to further customize the design of the green fade from the initial design on the frame from the 1980's. The vintage frame featured a fade that was only painted onto the front upper surfaces of each frame. However, the process of hand painting the Green Heritage collection allowed Oakley to fade the green from front to back and along the upper and lower surfaces, giving the new design a fresh, modern twist. In order to make 100,000 hand-painted frames a possibility before the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Oakley hired operators to paint for 20 hours a day, 6 days a week. Talk about true dedication toward those athletes who demand nothing but the best.

The Innovation of the Oakley EVZero Dual Iridium

EVZero Dual Iridium technology is just another example of how Oakley continues to push boundaries in the optical world. EVZero is now availabe with Oakley's first-ever, dual Iridium lens coating that utilizes not only one, but two performance colors. While developing this one of a kind technology from the ground up, Oakley did not forget about it's love for pushing the boundaries through simple designs with top-performing qualities. The EVZero Dual Iridium technology combines it's historically minimalistic designs with revolutionary prizm technology, creating unbeatable sports performance glasses with everlasting style.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Green Fade PRIZM Field Sunglasses

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL prescription sunglasses, Oakley Prizm Road

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL prescription sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV Path Green Fade PRIZM Road Sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV Path PRIZM Road sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Road

Oakley Radar EV Path Polished Black PRIZM Road

Oakley Frogskins Green Fade PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley Frogskins Green Fade PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley Green Fade Sunglasses Available at SportRx!

Join the Olympic athletes in a sea of green with your very own pair of hand-painted Oakley Green Fade Collection sunglasses. Oakley has only produced enough hand painted pairs for a select number of individuals outside of the Olympic athletes, so be sure to get them before they are gone! Need a pair of Oakley Green Fade prescription sunglasses? We have you covered here at SportRx. Shop the timeless Oakley Green Fade Collection online at SportRx, or feel free to give one of our helpful and friendly opticians a call! Don't let this limited edition Oakley Green Fade Collection pass you by!