Comparing the Oakley Gascan and Oakley Fuel Cell

When comparing the ever popular Oakley Gascan and Oakley Fuel Cell models both popular models have similar perks yet important key differences to note. Check out our video below where Sunglass Rob and Tim from SportRx discuss these two exceptional sunglasses.

The size difference is probably what's obvious at first sight, the Gascan is the more classic model and is slightly narrower and shorter then the Fuel Cell. The Fuel Cell is a bit wider and taller then its counterpart. When it comes to similarities both models feature the same basic ergonomic nose bridge design. Similarly, both feature the 3 point Oakley system that gently hugs the head. No rubberized grips on both models but they do tend to wrap around the face well do to that 3 point system. Do to these size differences the Fuel Cell is ideal for people with bigger and wider faces. If you have a smaller sized face perhaps you should consider the Gascan model since it's just a slimmer version. Both Oakley models ultimately will offer the sleek and smooth shield look that every sunny day adventurer desires!

Oakley Gascan


Oakley Gascan Matte Black Sunglasses Sportrx Oakley Gascan in Matte Black with Ice Iridium lens

Frame Dimensions

  • Lens Width 60mm
  • Lens Height 35mm
  • Temple Arm Length 127mm
  • Temple to Temples 129mm
  • Distance Between Lens 15mm
  • Metal Icon Logo

Oakley Fuel Cell

Oakley Fuell Cell Black Sunglasses SportRx Oakley Fuel Cell in Polished Black with Grey lens

Frame Dimensions

  • Lens Width 60mm
  • Lens Height 39mm
  • Temple Arm Length 130mm
  • Temple to Temple 131mm
  • Distance Between Lens 19mm

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