The Oakley Crossrange Shield is an incredibly popular variation of the Crossrange Patch. Among sunglasses enthusiasts and bikers alike the Crossrange Shield has become a phenomenon. In this episode of SportRx, Sunglass Rob and Oakley Sales Rep Nick discuss the key features of the Oakley Crossrange Shield.

The Oakley Crossrange Shield has the same concept and same bridge style as the Oakley Crossrange Patch. The key differences are that the Crossrange Shield has a single lens, bridge and bar while the Crossrange Patch has double in each category. Despite the differences, the Crossrange products are special because all their parts are completely interchangeable. The Crossrange Shield also comes with 2 sets of temples. The first temple offers a sport design, while the second offers more of a lifestyle design.


Oakley Crossrange Shield sunglasses

Interchangeable Temples

As mentioned before, the 2 included temples are interchangeable. This amazing feature can be accessed with the simple press of a button. Holding down the button along the temple will release the temple. From there, you can change between the sport and lifestyle temples with ease! The lifestyle temple has a clean matte finish, while the sport temple has more of a shiny finish. With the seamless interchangeability, you can have the ultimate sunglasses for performance or for style!

Key Features

  • O Matter frame with extended range of view
  • Easy interchangeable temple feature
  • Comes with sport temples and lifestyle temples
  • 2 nose pad options
  • Comes with a softer grip and a harder molded plastic
  • Vents for fog prevention and air flow
  • Available in 6 colors

Oakley Sunglasses

As with all elite brands, Oakley has designed their sunglasses to incorporate unique technology to suit your needs. So if you seek sunglasses with ventilation, style, interchangeability and performance, then Oakley has the perfect sunglasses for you! For any more information or questions please feel free to contact us here at SportRx.