DISCLAIMER: Oakley no longer includes two sets of temples and two nosepads with any Crossrange model. This product will come standard with the lifestyle temples and nosepad only.

The Oakley Crossrange Patch vs Crossrange Shield comparison features several key similarities and differences that make them what they are. While the two have a similar structure, the differences is what makes them truly distinct. Sunglass Rob and Oakley Sales Rep Nick compare and contrast these two amazing sunglasses. If you're trying to decide between which pair is perfect for you, then check out the review below for an in-depth breakdown.

Key Similarities

The Oakley Crossrange Patch and Crossrange Shield both come from the same family of Oakley frames. Neither pair compromises any performance as they are perfect for any athlete. Additionally, each pair features the amazing three-point fit system that hugs the head evenly for ultimate comfort and durability.

Key Differences

The main difference between the Patch and Shield is that the Crossrange Patch features the double bridge. The Crossrange Patch also features a double lens and bar, whereas the Crossrange Shield features a single bridge and lens. Additionally, the Crossrange Shield is slightly larger than the Patch. One of the key differentiators form a purchase standpoint is that the Patch is highly versatile with prescriptions. On the other hand, the Shield is not very prescription adaptable because you can't get 2 prescription lenses with its single lens. Ultimately, the Crossrange Shield offers more of a sporty look and is more performance based. The Crossrange Patch, while less sporty than the Shield, offers more of a lifestyle look and is ideal for everyday use.

Oakley Crossrange Patch

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Oakley Crossrange Patch in Matte Black with PRIZM Black

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Oakley Crossrange Shield

crossrange shield

Oakley Crossrange Shield in Black Ink with PRIZM Jade

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