Oakley Crossrange Patch

The Oakley Crossrange Patch is the famous double bridged brother of the Crossrange Shield. Sunglass Rob and Oakley Sales Rep Nick discuss the incredibly popular Oakley Crossrange Patch in the following video. They touch on the features and differences between the Patch and the Shield. Check out the video below to get a first look at Oakley's Crossrange Patch.

The Oakley Crossrange Patch features the same concept and bridge style of the Oakley Crossrange Shield. However, the main difference is that the Crossrange Patch has the signature double bridge design. Additionally, it also features a double lens and bar to distinguish it. However, the Crossrange products are unique because they allow complete interchangeability with their parts.

Crossrange Patch


Oakley Crossrange Patch in Matte Black with PRIZM Grey lens

Similar to the Crossrange Shield, the Crossrange Patch includes 2 distinct temples. As mentioned before, the 2 included temples are interchangeable. This feature can be utilized with the simple press of a button. Holding down the button along the side of the sunglasses will release the temple. From there, you can change between the sport and lifestyle temples with ease! The lifestyle temple has a clean matte finish, while the sport temple has more of a shiny finish. With the seamless interchangeability, you can have the ultimate sunglasses for performance or style! Likewise, the Crossrange Patch also comes with 2 different nose pads. The first is a sports rubberized nose pad, while the second offers a molded plastic material.

Key Features

  • Three-Point Fit System
  • Double bridge and lens
  • Easy interchangeable temple feature
  • Sport temple and lifestyle temples
  • Soft grip and a harder molded plastic nose piece options
  • 6 colors

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