Oakley reached new levels of excellent innovation with the new Oakley Carbon Shift sunglasses. These new Oakley sunglasses elevate the already tough to beat, ever-evolving collection of Oakley Iconic frames in more ways than one. As the name implies, their defining feature is the real carbon fiber temples, but they are truly the complete package with their many unbeatable features.

Oakley Carbon Shift Sunglasses, Oakley Carbon Shift Prescription Sunglasses

5 Noteworthy Features of the Oakley Carbon Shift Sunglasses:

1 | Carbon Fiber Temples: The temples are made out of real carbon fiber, lightweight aluminum, and O-matter, making for a very lightweight and very durable pair of Oakley iconic sunglasses.

2 | Unobtainium: the temples on the Oakley Carbon Shift are lined with the best anti-slip material that works to stay in place and stick to your face no matter how much you sweat.

3 | Spring Cam Hinge: This high-tech hinge provides a great deal of strength, without ever wearing out. This type of hinge system adds an added element of durability, making the Oakley Carbon Shift that much more reliable.

4 | Three-Point-Fit System: The Oakley Carbon Shift sunglasses are sure to stay in place in the most comfortable manner with this fit design. The temples hug your head, which maintains a nice, snug fit.

5 | 8 Base Frame: These Oakley sunglasses provide ample coverage and an enhanced field of view with its wrap-around frame design, one of the many reasons the Oakley Carbon Shift is an excellent option for your active lifestyle.

The Oakley Carbon Shift Product Review

The innovative features behind these Oakley sunglasses are expansive. Check out the Oakley Carbon Shift full product review, to learn more about the endless features.

The Oakley Carbon Shift is the perfect marriage of technology, durability, comfort, and style, all of which make for an exceptional pair of mens lifestyle and sport sunglasses. If you’re in need of prescription sports sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Oakley Carbon Shift prescription sunglasses, customized by a SportRx optician. If you have more questions about these iconic Oakley glasses, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 831-5817, shoot us an email, or send us a LiveChat! We’re happy to cater to all your vision needs, 7 days a week!