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Oakley Blue Iridium vs. Ice Iridium lenses
There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between the Oakley Blue Iridium and the Oakley Ice Iridium, but most of it has to do with their names. Even though these sound very much alike, these two lenses couldn't be more opposite.

Let’s start with the Oakley Blue Iridium. This is an older Oakley lens, which used to be very popular, but is much harder to find in new sunglasses. This is a very high-contrast lens with a base tint that is a dark amber brown and a slight reflective blue

Prescription Oakley Blue Iridium

Oakley Blue Iridium

mirror surface. It’s not a solid mirror, like the “Ice Man” character wore in the 80’s movie, Top Gun. It’s more like a slight blue reflection with an iridescent kind of blue hue and feel to it.

The main thing to remember about the Oakley Blue Iridium is that it’s not a very dark lens, so it’s best for low light or overcast days. It’s high-contrast because of the brown and amber combination of colors, and it still protects your eyes. But you definitely don’t want to be wearing these on bright days.

Prescription Oakley Ice Iridium

Oakley Ice Iridium

The Oakley Ice Iridium lens is much more prevalent and widely available in newer Oakley sunglasses. It's different than the Blue Iridium in almost every way. The Ice Iridium has a dark grey base tint, so it’s a neutral and natural color, and it is not high contrast. It has a blue mirror surface that is much more obvious, and hides and protects your eyes much better. The Oakley Ice Iridium is a great lens for bright days, and is now offered in a polarized version (whereas the Oakley Blue Iridium is not).

The Oakley Blue Iridium is not available in prescription. However, another Oakley lens, the G30 is very similar to the Blue Iridium and is available in a SportRx prescription lens.

Hope that helps! If you need your Oakley sunglasses in prescription, we've got you covered. Have questions? Feel free to speak with a SportRx optician 7 days a week!