For those elite athletes who demand to get the absolute most out of each workout or event, Nike has tailored a pair of sport sunglasses just for you. The Nike Vaporwing Elite sunglasses answer the call for athletes striving to be the very best version of themselves. If you're a cyclist, runner, or just prefer the sleek look of sport sunglasses, then these are definitely a pair to consider.

Nike Vaporwing Elite Sunglasses | The Full Breakdown

Featuring designs and technology you won't find anywhere else, Nike achieved unprecedented levels of sport-performance sunglasses with the release of the Nike Vaporwing Elite sunglasses. The Vaporwing Elite goes an extra mile with more style and unbeatable features than ever before encompassed in a pair of sport sunglasses.


Nike Vaporwing Elite Sunglasses, Nike Sport Sunglasses

Nike Vaporwing Elite Matte Black Sunglasses with Speed Tint Uml Red Flash Lenses

Nike Vaporwing Elite Sunglasses Feature:

- Innovative technology results in a sharply angled design that slices thought the air making wind resistance a thing of the past.

- An ultra-lightweight and flexible frame contours to your face without any of the unnecessary weight.

- The one-piece shield constructed design provides maximum protection from the elements, while allowing you to see the world around you without interference.

-An aerodynamic design that drastically reduces wind resistance

Take Your Level of Sport Up a Notch

Nike Vaporwing Elite sport sunglasses are truly groundbreaking. When you put on a pair of Vaporwing Elites, you won't want to go back to wearing your old sport sunglasses ever again. The combination of performance, style, and function is one that is unparalleled throughout the entire industry. If you're an athlete that demands nothing but the best, get yourself a pair of Nike Vaporwing Elite sunglasses online at SportRx. Questions? Call us, we've got answers!