You have your bib number and running shoes, and now all you need is a pair of running sunglasses. With Nike Vision, you’ll get through a half marathon with clear visibility and eye protection. Join us as we unravel a few of the best Nike sunglasses that are perfect for running the Carlsbad Half Marathon.

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look For in Running Sunglasses
C. Nike Sunglasses for the Carlsbad Half Marathon
1. Nike Adrenaline 22
2. Nike Trainer
3. Nike Maverick RGE
D. Prescription Nike Running Sunglasses at SportRx

Video Review

Follow along with Eyeglass Tyler as he highlights Nike sunglasses that are great picks to wear when running a half marathon.

What to Look For in Running Sunglasses


When you’re racing down Carlsbad Boulevard, you want a pair of frames that will help you — not distract you. A lightweight frame material will feel great for the entire half marathon, so you can focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

In addition, rubber grips on the temples and nose pads will keep your frames in place — while also providing optical alignment.


Keep clear of glass lensesas they’re heavier and more likely to shatter while you run. Lightweight and impact-resistant lenses are a better choice. Additionally, features that keep the lenses clear — oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-reflective, and hard coatingsare essential during long-distance runs.

For more information on running eyewear, check out our Running Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide.

Nike Sunglasses for the Carlsbad Half Marathon

Nike Adrenaline 22

Get your adrenaline pumping with one of Nike's newest releases, the Adrenaline 22. The wrapped design blocks out excessive peripheral light, while also providing additional visibility. Lightweight with bent temples, the Adrenaline 22 features an oleophobic lens coating that minimizes smudging and an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare. Furthermore, frame ventilation increases airflow and reduces fogging. So no matter how much you sweat during the half marathon, your lenses will remain clear.

Nike Adrenaline 22 sunglasses in matte black with white temple tips and Field Tint lenses.

Nike Adrenaline 22 in Matte Black with Field Tint Lenses

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Adrenaline 22 Key Features:

  • Wrap around design offers extra eye protection
  • Eco-friendly frames are lightweight, durable, and easy to wear all race
  • Available with Nike MAX Optics
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 134 (Men’s M/Women’s L)

Nike Trainer

With a semi-rimless, wrapped design, the Nike Trainer is perfect for race day. Its available oleophobic and hard coating repels oils and protects against scratches keeping your visibility clear. In addition, its rubber grips on the temples and nose pads keep the frames in place and prevent them from slipping off your face. With interchangeable lens capability, you can seamlessly change out lenses for the best optical experience. The Nike Trainer’s frame ventilation reduces lens fogging and vision obstructions.

nike trainer sunglasses in black with grey lenses

Nike Trainer in Black with Grey Silver Flash Lenses

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Trainer Key Features:

  • Frame ventilation increases airflow
  • Rubber grips provide a slip-free fit
  • Interchangeable function allows you to easily swap out lenses
  • Available in Small
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 136 (Men’s L/Women’s L)

Nike Maverick RGE

Enhance your vision during the Carlsbad Half with this REXY award winner. The Nike Maverick RGE continues the brand’s Maverick legacy with top-notch features and benefits. The rubber nose pad and temples provide long-lasting comfortperfect for the 13.1 miles. The vented nose bridge prevents lens fogging and the lightweight frame material makes the Maverick RGE easy to wear all race long. A variety of lens coatings ensure better visibility by blocking out glare, minimizing smudging, and protecting against lens abrasions.

Nike Maverick RGE frames featured in nike men's sunglasses size guide. Full-rim frame in matte black with square grey/red lenses.

Nike Maverick RGE in Matte Black with Course Tint Lenses

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Maverick RGE Key Features:

  • Vented nose bridge prevents moisture build-up
  • Rubberized grips provide all-race comfort
  • Anti-reflective lens coating reduces the amount of light bouncing off lenses
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 138 (Men’s L/Women’s L)

Prescription Nike Running Sunglasses at SportRx

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