Prescription inserts can be tricky. But with most Nike inserts, there's a simple trick to installing them. Eyeglass Tyler goes over the steps. Follow along to learn more!


Why get prescription inserts?

There are a couple of reasons to get a prescription insert over a prescription lens. First, it's better if you have a stronger prescription. Wrap frames generally have a limit to how much they can handle before you start experiencing distortion. With an insert, that problem is taken care of.

For a model such as the Nike Show X2 like Tyler has, you can also choose the insert for practical reasons. The Nike Show X2 has interchangeable lenses, so you can buy one prescription insert and multiple non-prescription lenses to be able to handle any type of sport or lighting condition.

Nike Show X2 + Rx Insert

Nike Show X2 + Rx Insert in Black

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How to install the insert

You may see the notch in the frame's center and try to put the insert in as is. While this is technically possible, the insert won't be all the way in and it will be uncomfortable to wear.

Tyler shows us that the simple trick is to first remove the lenses, then pop the insert into the frame and make sure it's all the way forward. Then, put the lenses back in. If you made sure the insert is seated properly and without gaps between it and the "frame frame," as Tyler calls it, the lenses should go back in fairly easily. Now your insert will be secure for any sport you wish to play.

Tyler's last tip is to, when popping the lenses out, grab them along the outer edge to make it a little easier. Also, while he used the Nike X2 in this video, this is generally how the insert works for most Nike models with an insert.

Practice popping the insert in and out a few times, and you'll practically be a master at it! Enjoy the comfort of clear vision while playing your favorite sport.

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