Nike does it again with a new release that makes the crowd go wild. But how does the new Nike Rabid 22 compare to its predecessor? SportRx is here with an ultimate showdown of the Nike Rabid 2 vs. Rabid 22 sunglasses! We'll cover similarities, differences, sizing, and help you pick the one that will become your MVP.

Nike Rabid 2 vs. Rabid 22

A. Similarities
1. Frame
2. Lenses
B. Differences
1. Nike Rabid 2
2. Nike Rabid 22
3. Size Comparison Chart
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To the untrained eye, there are more similarities than differences in these two Nike Rabid sunglasses. Let's take a closer look at the shared features present in both frames.


Visually speaking, both Nike Rabid sunglasses strongly resemble one another. From a straight-on perspective, they could practically be one in the same frame. They each have a minimalist design with a full-rimmed frame and 8-base wrap. A contoured fit provides optimal sun protection and wide peripheral vision. Sleek temples reach back to a curved tip for frame security and all-day comfort.


As for the lenses, a rectangular shape flatters a variety of face shapes and blocks harsh UV rays from all angles. Nike MAX Optics provides enhanced contrast and clarity, while various lens coatings increase their longevity. A hydro-oleophobic coating repels water and sweat, while a hard coating creates extra scratch-resistance during your most intense activities.

Both frames are also available with prescription. Select from an assortment of Sport Optimized Lenses tailor-made to your vision needs and athletic pursuits.


While one cannot overlook the similarities, it takes a keen eye to identify the differences. Let's look at the unique features of each frame to understand how they compare to one another.

Frame Material

  • Nike Rabid 2: Nylon
  • Nike Rabid 22: Bio-injected

In the 2022 new release, the Nike Rabid 22 is more eco-friendly than ever. Made from 45% castor bean oil, its bio-injected frame material is sustainable, lightweight, and extremely durable. We also love the extra dose of positive vibes that come from wearing a frame that embodies an eco-conscious attitude.

If you're comparing frame materials between the two, our Sports Opticians promise you can't go wrong with either one. Classic nylon frames are a go-to choice for their sports-performance capabilities, and the new bio-injected version is equally impressive on the track, court, field — you name it. For this reason, they both come out on top in this category.

Rubber Grip

  • Nike Rabid 2: None
  • Nike Rabid 22: Nose pads & temple tips

When you want to take your performance to the next level, rubber grip is here to keep your focus on the game — and not on your sunglasses. Rubber grip makes its debut on the Rabid 22's nose pads and temple tips for extra frame security during your most rigorous workouts. A must-have for any athlete who knows they'll break a sweat.


  • Nike Rabid 2: Classic
  • Nike Rabid 22: Ventilated

Keep your cool and vision fog-free with the new ventilation system on the Nike Rabid 22. Not only are the nose pads rubber, but they now feature venting to encourage air flow and decrease fogging during your most strenuous sports.

Not sure if you need that much performance from your frame? If you're looking for a casual everyday frame, the Rabid 2 will not disappoint. It has classic nose pads for all-day comfort and a classic sports look that will never go out of style.

Nike Rabid 2

Now that we know the similarities and differences between these two Nike Rabid sunglasses, let's give them each their fifteen minutes (or sentences) of fame. The Nike Rabid 2 is a versatile performance frame that was originally introduced as a smaller version of the popular Nike Adrenaline 2. It is made of lightweight and durable nylon with 8-base wrap. A clean saddle bridge evenly distributes weight with classic nose pads that rest comfortably in place. While there is no rubber grip, the textured temple tips provide a secure fit while directing moisture away from the frame. The Nike Rabid 2 is prescription-ready.

Nike Rabid 2 sunglasses in matte black with green Nike logo on temple. Silver rectangular lenses in a wraparound design.

Nike Rabid 2 in Matte Black / Volt with Grey Silver Flash Lenses

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Nike Rabid 2 Key Features

  • Nylon construction is lightweight, flexible, & durable
  • Ridged temple tips direct moisture away from the frame
  • High-tension hinges provide a secure grip
  • Rx-able

Nike Rabid 22

The Nike Rabid 22 is the 2022 new release with an updated frame material and performance tech additions. It is constructed from bio-injected resin, which is sustainable, lightweight, and durable. It features rubber grip along the temple tips and nose pads for extra frame security during your favorite sports. Not to mention the ventilated nose pads which keep your vision fog-free and encourage air flow during your most intense workouts. The Nike Rabid 22 is performance 2.0 ready to tackle any of your athletic pursuits in the new year. And it's Rx-able!

Nike Rabid 22 sunglasses in matte dark grey and blue with blue mirror lenses.

Nike Rabid 22 in Matte Dark Grey with Blue Mirror Lenses

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Nike Rabid 22 Key Features

  • Bio-injected resin is eco-friendly, lightweight, & durable
  • Ventilated nose pads encourage air flow & decrease fogging
  • Rubber nose pads & temple tips enhance grip — even when you break a sweat
  • Screwless cam hinges ensure frame security & longevity
  • Rx-able

Size Comparison Chart

For a quick size comparison at a glance, take a look at the measurements of each frame below. The original Rabid 2 is very close in size to the updated Rabid 22. If you need help determining your size, visit our Nike Men's Sunglasses Size Guide and Nike Women's Sunglasses Size Guide.

*All measurements are in millimeters.

Nike FrameSportRx Frame Width BridgeLens HeightLens WidthTemple Length
Rabid 2132153864135
Rabid 221301437 62130

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