Nike's Maverick collection now includes 5 frames, but how do they differ? Eyeglass Tyler answers that and more, so stay tuned for the video below or continue on to find out everything you need to know about the Nike Maverick sunglass collection.

Nike Maverick Sunglass Collection

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Nike Maverick Sunglass Collection
1. Nike Maverick
2. Nike Maverick Small
3. Nike Maverick Free
4.Nike Maverick RGE
5.Nike Maverick Fierce
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Watch as Eyeglass Tyler goes over what's similar and what's different about the Nike Maverick sunglass collection.

Nike Maverick Sunglass Collection

The 5 frames in Nike's Maverick collection are the Nike Maverick and Maverick Small; followed by the Maverick Free, Maverick RGE, and Maverick Fierce. While their commonalities make them a family, there are some key differences to cover as well.


When looking at each Maverick frame, the most noticeable commonality is the brow line, and the unique nose bridge after that. Each nose bridge is equipped with rubber grip and a saddle bridge design, which helps with circulation to minimize fogging. The Maverick frames also have flexible rubber temple tips that are slightly tapered for hat compatibility.

On the more technical side, each design in the Maverick collection is constructed with lightweight and durable nylon, and 6-base lenses. A 6-base lens is versatile and offers both good coverage and protection while remaining highly Rx-able, unlike more aggressive 8-base lenses which can be more difficult to make in prescription. The Maverick collection frames are all within the large fit range, but tend to look good as long as your go-to fit isn't small or XL.

Footnote: As you may infer from the name, the Maverick S is a smaller version of the Maverick! It's identical in everything except size.


As for the differences, they tend to be a mix of aesthetic and technical features. For example, they all have a similar lens shape, though the dimensions of the lens varies between designs.

For more differences, keep scrolling below! We dive into each of the individual frames in the Maverick collection and how they stand apart from the rest.

Nike Maverick

The original Nike Maverick has the tallest lens of the bunch, allowing your downward vision to be unobstructed, which is an advantage in certain sports like golf.

Nike Maverick Sunglasses

Nike Maverick in Matte Cool Grey & Course w/ Bronze Flash Lens

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SFW: 138 (Men's L, Women's L-XL)

Nike Maverick Small

Like we said above, the Nike Maverick S is the same as its full-size counterpart in terms of features, but has a smaller frame and lens size in case you're on the "small to medium" end of the size spectrum.

nike maverick small sunglasses in burgundy with blue lenses

Nike Maverick Small in Matte Smokey Mauve with Course Milk Lenses

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SFW: 130 (Men's S-M, Women's M)

Nike Maverick Free

Unlike the other designs in the collection, the Nike Maverick Free has a semi-rimless design. This design also allows the lenses to be interchangeable to accommodate varying lighting conditions for ideal vision in any environment.

Nike Maverick Free Sunglasses in Matte Black/White logo with Course Tint Lenses

Nike Maverick Free in Matte Black / White w/Course Tint Lens

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SFW: 137 (Men's & Women's L)

Nike Maverick RGE

Nike Maverick RGE is the best in the family for everyday use. Their rectangular shape and shorter lenses makes them a great all-around sunglass as opposed to having features that cater to specific sports.

Nike Maverick Sunglasses

Nike Maverick RGE in Matte Midnight Navy - Silver Flash Lens

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SFW: 138 (Men's L, Women's L-XL)

Nike Maverick Fierce

The Nike Maverick Fierce has the largest SportRx Frame Width (SFW for short), as well as a unique geometric lens shape that's both fashionable and vintage.

Nike Maverick Fierce

Nike Maverick Fierce in Soft Tortoise with Green Polarized Lenses

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SFW: 140 (Men's L-XL, Women's XL)

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