Today we're reviewing the 4 frames in Nike's Brazen collection—the original Nike Brazen, as well as the Brazen Boost, Shadow, and Fury. Tune in to learn more about the similarities and differences of each!

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1. Similarities
2. Differences
3. Nike Brazen Collection
3.1. Nike Brazen
3.2. Nike Brazen Boost
3.3. Nike Brazen Shadow
3.4. Nike Brazen Fury
4. Prescription Nike Sunglasses at SportRx

Eyeglass Tyler covers all the frames similarities and differences for each frame in the Nike Brazen collection. Watch the video or keep reading to learn more.


The original Nike Brazen has been around a while and is a go-to for Tyler. He likes it because it gives the coverage you need for sports while still giving a good Rx range if you need prescription. This is also true for all the Brazen frames. They also all have what Tyler refers to as a "hybrid design" in their frames—though they look a little different, they're all versatile enough to work for intense sports or everyday use and anything in between.

In terms of details, all 4 Brazen frames have a lightweight nylon frame, rubber grips on the nose, and polycarbonate lenses if you get these non-prescription. Also in non-prescription, all will come with Nike MAX Optics lens technology. All the quality you know from Nike can be found in their sunglass lenses too.

As far as the 3 newer Brazen variants go, Boost, Shadow, and Fury are all pretty similar. They all have a seamless grip temple design with transparent grip material for added security. Tyler also points out a unique bridge design that would even work for flatter nose bridges. While normally this non-adjustable nose pad wouldn't accommodate a flatter bridge, Nike's special construction makes it more forgiving.

All of the Brazen collection sunglasses have built in side shields that help to block light. Essentially, the reason these are all such good Rx options is because they give you a 6-base lens in an 8-base frame. The lens is slightly less curved while the frame still provides plenty of coverage. The original Nike Brazen has the biggest side shields of the bunch, giving it the most wrap. Nike's really got you covered with this Brazen collection.


All of the new Nike Brazen frames are similar in size. Unless you know you have an extra-small or extra-large face, chances are they will all fit you pretty well. However, they have different lens shapes.

The Brazen Boost has the smallest lens with a more rectangular or geometric shape. On the other hand, the Brazen Fury has the largest lens, which is great if you're doing golfing, a sport that requires a lot of lens coverage. Meanwhile, the Brazen Shadow has a rectangular lens similar to the Boost but wider.

Out of the Brazen collection, the original Brazen is the smallest. It has very thick temples and is great at blocking light, but the downside is that it's bulkier and heavier. This still classifies as a lightweight frame, but getting good light blockage does have the drawback of extra weight compared to the other Brazen frames.

Last but not least, the original Nike Brazen also has a different nose grip. It's ventilated and textured to provide all-day comfort while minimizing fogging.

Nike Brazen Collection

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Nike Brazen

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Nike Brazen Boost

Nike Brazen Boost

Nike Brazen Boost in Matte Dark Grey with Silver Flash Lenses

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Nike Brazen Shadow

Nike Brazen Shadow sunglasses

Nike Brazen Shadow in Matte Dark Obsidian with Frozen Blue Mirror Lenses

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Nike Brazen Fury

Nike Brazen Shadow sunglasses

Nike Brazen Fury in Matte Black with Field Tint Lenses

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