Just when we didn’t think a snow goggle could exceed the advanced quality, technology, style, and performance of the original Airbrake, Oakley proved us wrong with the new Oakley Airbrake XL goggles. The new Oakley Airbrake XL doesn’t come out until the 2016-2017 snow season, but we’ve been lucky enough to test these incredible Oakley goggles during a SportRx trip to Mammoth Mountain. We couldn’t be more in love with what’s to come for next year’s 2016-2017 Oakley goggle launch. We’re excited to give you a sneak peek and share all our favorite features so you, too, can be just as excited for the launch of the new Oakley Airbrake XL goggles!

Oakley Airbrake XL

airbrake xl prizm sapphire with hi pink

Oakley Airbrake XL in Matte Black with PRIZM Sapphire

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Some Incredible Features We’ve Experienced Firsthand with the New Oakley Airbrake XL Goggles:

1 | Helmet compatibility: The new Oakley Airbrake XL took the outrigger system from the original Oakley Airbrake to a whole new level. The new outrigger system features a very clean and flush look that pops out when you need them to conform to a comfortable, over the helmet fit

2 | Switchlock Technology: Carrying over from the original Airbrake, the new Oakley Airbrake XL utilizes this lens interchangeability system for an extremely easy shield interchange. This is especially awesome because it caters to the variety of Prizm lenses that are available for the Oakley Airbrake, so you can seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing weather conditions.

3 | Triple Foam: This foam design on the new Oakley Airbrake XL makes for an extremely comfortable, soft, and moisture-wicking fit. Despite the triple layer, the goggles still rest close enough to your face so you won’t have to worry about an obstructed field of view.

4 | Silicone Strap Lining: Not only is the strap a little bit larger than the original Airbrake goggles, but it’s also lined with a sticky silicone material that works to keep the goggles comfortably in place. We noticed this is beneficial for those who don’t wear a helmet at all, those who wear their goggles over the helmet, and those who wear their goggles under the helmet. This strap design adds to the importance of helmet compatibility.

5 | Rx-able: Like all other Oakley snow goggles, the new Oakley Airbrake XL will be available in prescription! We were also able to test out our prescription goggle inserts with these new Oakley Airbrake goggles, and we’re excited to say they work perfectly!

Oakley Airbrake XL Goggles | Mammoth Mountain Review

The list goes on. For a live sneak peek of these goggles, take a look at the Oakley Airbrake XL slope-side product review:

More on the New Oakley Airbrake XL Goggles

The Oakley Airbrake has been a top selling Oakley goggle for many reasons, and we have no doubt that the advanced technologies and improved design behind the new Oakley Airbrake XL goggles will make for another Oakley best seller. With the easiest interchangeable lens system, unbelievable comfort features, and incredible optics thanks to Prizm snow, the Oakley Airbrake XL is an exceptional pair of Oakley goggles to be on the lookout for the upcoming 2016-2017 snow season.

If you’re in need of a pair of prescription goggles for the 2016-2017 season and are looking for a larger frame with a little bit more modern, clean, sleek design, be on the lookout for Oakley Airbrake XL prescription goggles online at SportRx. If you want to talk more about the new Oakley Airbrake XL goggles, give us a ring. We could go on for days about these new Oakley Airbrake goggles, and we’d love to share all the information we have on these bad boys!

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