Bring your love of the water and sun to all-weather days with the Costa Optical Collection. Made from high-performance and eco-friendly materials, these new Costa glasses will have you seeing clearly while enjoying your favorite activities — and protecting the planet. Read on to discover the newest styles to join the Costa Optical Collection!

Table of Contents

A. Overview of Costa Optical Collection
B. NEW Costa Glasses
1. Ocean Ridge 400/410
2. Tybee Rx
3. Sullivan Rx
4. Peli Rx
5. Bimini Road 300
6. Bimini Road 310
7. Bimini Road 320
C. Costa Prescription Eyeglasses Online at SportRx

Overview of Costa Optical Collection

Famously known for their sun-loving styles, Costa Del Mar brings the same visual clarity to their Optical line. Since not all adventures happen under harsh sun, these clear Costa glasses address your need for clear vision under any conditions. Blending performance features and elegant style, the Costa Optical Collection enhances your view of the world while keeping up with your active lifestyle.

New Costa Glasses

Discover the newest releases from your favorite adventurous brand, Costa Del Mar!

Ocean Ridge 400

The newest member of the Costa Ocean Ridge Collection, the 400 optical frame, is designed to keep up with all of your activities. Made from Bio-Resin™ nylon, these Costa eyeglasses are eco-friendly and hold their shape against extreme temperatures. The Ocean Ridge 400 also features similar design elements to the Costa PRO Series, like sweat management channels, metal keeper slots, and interchangeable rubber nose pads. All of this adds up to a high-performance frame with seriously sophisticated styling.

A note on sizing, the Ocean Ridge 400 is available in two eyesizes: 54 and 57. The former is called the Ocean Ridge 400, while the latter is called the Ocean Ridge 410. If you see either of these model names, just pay close attention to get the correct size!

New Costa Glasses the Ocean Ridge 400 in matte gray with clear lenses.

Costa Ocean Ridge 400 in Matte Fog Gray

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Costa Ocean Ridge 400 Key Features

  • Made from Costa's lightweight & eco-friendly Bio-Resin™ nylon
  • Sweat management channels & eyewire drains direct moisture away from the frame
  • Interchangeable rubber nose pads provide extra comfort & grip
  • SportRx Frame Width (What is SFW?): 54 eyesize - 132; 57 eyesize - 137

Tybee Rx

For impeccable style all days of the week, look no further than the Costa Tybee Rx. Inspired by its popular sunglasses counterpart, this Costa optical frame combines a clean design with superior optics. An acetate construction delivers lightweight wear while an elegant Costa logo is embedded into each temple.

Did you know? Costa uses acetate made from tree pulp, making this a renewable resource that just gets better over time! Acetate naturally molds to your features, so the more you wear it, the more comfortable it gets.

Costa Tybee Rx eyeglasses in matte black with clear prescription lenses.

Costa Tybee Rx in Matte Black

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Costa Tybee Rx Key Features

  • Made from eco-friendly & hypoallergenic acetate
  • Saddle bridge evenly distributes weight across nose for a comfortable fit
  • Wire-core temples provide a secure grip, no matter how much you move
  • SFW: 55 eyesize - 138

Sullivan Rx

Another sun-gone-clear style, the Sullivan brings clear prescription lenses to a Costa-favorite sunglass. The Sullivan Rx features a classic rounded-square lens and elegant acetate construction. A keyhole bridge encourages air flow while also adding that extra something special to an otherwise minimalist design. But don't let the laid-back style fool you; the Costa Sullivan Rx still features performance details like a hydro-oleophobic coating and scratch-resistant lenses!

Costa Sullivan Rx optical frames in matte tortoise with square clear lenses.

Costa Sullivan Rx in Matte Tortoise

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Costa Sullivan Rx Key Features

  • Made from eco-friendly & hypoallergenic acetate
  • Keyhole bridge encourages air flow for fog-free vision
  • Hydro-oleophobic coating repels water & oils for distraction-free viewing
  • SFW: 53 eyesize - 136

Peli Rx

Aviator fans get the Costa performance treatment in the Peli Rx eyeglasses. Short for Pelican, this mixed-composition Costa optical frame uses corrosion-resistant Monel®, hypoallergenic titanium, and acetate. Not only does this make one beautifully unique style, but it also makes this a frame that can do it all. The Peli Rx uses Costa's water-loving features like Hydrolite™, which gets grippier when wet, and a hydro-oleophobic coating to repel water and sweat.

Costa Peli Rx aviator eyeglasses in gold with tortoise and turquoise temples.

Costa Peli Rx in Brushed Gold / Tortoise

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Costa Peli Rx Key Features

  • Marine-grade Monel® is lightweight & corrosion-resistant
  • Hydrolite™ rubber reacts to moisture, so you'll never experience slipping frames
  • Adjustable nose pads allow you to perfect the fit
  • SFW: 57 eyesize - 133

Bimini Road 300

As we dive into the Bimini Road Collection, it's important to know what makes these frames stand out against the competition. All the new Costa glasses in this collection are made from Monel® and titanium for the most corrosion-resistant optical experience available. What does this mean for your eyewear? Longevity and durability that has never looked better.

The Costa Bimini Road 300 is ready to take on any of your aquatic adventures. Designed for ocean-lovers who can't get enough time on the water, these Costa frames will keep up when the boat starts rocking. Unexpected splashes don't stand a chance against the Hydrolite™ rubber and core-wire temples. Medical-grade silicone nose pads are also completely adjustable so you get a custom fit that doesn't budge.

Costa Bimini Road 300 eyeglasses in gunmetal with clear lenses.

Costa Bimini Road 300 in Gunmetal

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Costa Bimini Road 300 Key Features

  • Made from corrosion-resistant materials, like Monel® and titanium
  • Topographic-printed Hydrolite™ temples react to moisture for extra grip
  • Medical-grade silicone nose pads are hypoallergenic & fully adjustable
  • SFW: 55 eyesize - 134

Bimini Road 310

The second newest frame in the Bimini Road Collection, we're proud to introduce the semi-rimless Bimini Road 310. If you can't stand the feeling of glasses on your face, this ultra-lightweight frame simply disappears. In fact, our Sports Opticians agree that one of the best compliments you can give a frame is that it's so lightweight, you forget you're wearing glasses. And the Costa Bimini Road 310 does just that. With a Monel® and titanium construction, the floating lenses help you achieve clear vision without additional weight.

These new Costa glasses also feature similar details to our previous frame like Hydrolite™ temples and comfortable silicone nose pads.

Costa Bimini Road 310 semi-rimless frames in matte black with clear rectangular lenses.

Costa Bimini Road 310 in Matte Black

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Costa Bimini Road 310 Key Features

  • Made from corrosion-resistant materials, like Monel® and titanium
  • Semi-rimless design makes this one of the lightest frames in our lineup
  • Topographic-printed Hydrolite™ temples react to moisture for extra grip
  • SFW: 55 eyesize - 133

Bimini Road 320

Rounding out our lineup of the new Costa Optical Collection, the Bimini Road 320 is ready for days on the water. Featuring Hydrolite™ rubber, silicone nose pads, and corrosion-resistant frame materials, this classic style performs for years to come. Stainless steel spring hinges maintain their fit over time and Hydrolite™ temples ensure grip. Comfort, frame longevity, and clear vision? The Costa Bimini Road 320 checks all the boxes.

Costa Bimini Road 320 glasses in matte pacific blue with clear rectangular lenses.

Costa Bimini Road 320 in Matte Pacific Blue

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Costa Bimini Road 320 Key Features

  • Made from corrosion-resistant materials, like Monel® and titanium
  • Stainless steel hinges maintain their shape & fit over time
  • Fully adjustable silicone nose pads ensure a perfect fit custom to you
  • SFW: 53 eyesize - 129

Costa Prescription Eyeglasses Online at SportRx

Need Costa prescription eyeglasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your Costa optical frames.

Ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee. Try your Costa optical frames for 45 days. If you’re not satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Shop the Costa Optical Collection online at SportRx today!

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