MLB players add some flair to their celebrations, wearing the latest and greatest 2015 snow goggles to protect their eyes amidst the popping bottles of champagne after clinching their respective divisions. Players from each team were seen rocking a variety of Oakley, Nike, and Under Armour snow goggles during their post-game celebrations.

The Baltimore Orioles kick off the club house celebrations after their 8-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. Being the first MLB team to clinch their division, the Orioles jump-started the snow goggle-wearing, champagne-pouring party.

Orioles Clinch AL East in Under Armour Goggles

Ryan Flaherty of the Orioles gets a champagne shower from teammate Jimmy Paredes wearing Under Armour Snow Goggles

After clinching their first division title in five years with a 5-0 win over the Seattle Mariners, players of the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim were bound to celebrate big -- and do so in style. Mike Trout made a bold fashion statement while celebrating in the bright green Nike Fade Snow Goggles.

Angels Clinch AL West Division in Nike Fade Goggles

Angels' Mike Trout keeps his eyes champagne-free wearing the Nike Fade Snow Goggles

Not long after the Angels celebrated their victory, the LA Dodgers clinched the NL West title in a convincing 9-1 victory over the rival San Francisco Giants. The Boys in Blue grabbed their Oakley Airbrake goggles wasted no time to pop bottles.

Dodgers Clinch NL West Championship in Oakley Air Break

LA Dodgers enjoy their reign as NL West Champions sporting the Oakley Air Break Goggles

The Detroit Tigers clinched the AL Central title following their 3-0 win over the Minnesota twins. After clinching their fourth straight division title, and claiming their 90th victory of the season, the Tigers took part in the champagne celebration, also rocking the Oakley goggles.

Tigers Clinch AL Central in Oakley Snow Goggles

Detroit Tigers players sport Oakley goggles, while showering each other with champagne.

The St. Louis Cardinals clinched the NL Central mathematically when the Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the Reds. However, they were sure to seal the deal with a 1-0 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks and did not hold back in the champagne (and beer!) celebration.

Cardinals Clinch NL Central in Oakleys

The Cards celebrate big with champagne and beer, using Oakley goggles to shield their eyes from the showers

The Washington Nationals also seal their second NL East title in three years after shutting out the Atlanta Braves with a 3-0 win. Once they returned to their clubhouse, the players repped a variety of Oakley snow goggles during their post-clinch champagne party.

Nationals Clinch NL East Title in Oakley Goggles

The Nats pose in a variety of Oakley goggles during post-clinch celebration

Kansas City Royals squeeze their way into the playoffs as the AL Wild Card team, after beating the Oakland A’s 9-8 in 12 resilient innings. Oakley goggles were again in full effect.

Royals clinch AL Wild Card in Oakley Goggles

The Royals go out with a bang, rockin' Oakley goggles during their celebration

And finally, in spite of the Dodgers clinching the division title against them, The San Francisco Giants made sure to find their way into the postseason as a wild card team. They have a champagne party of their own after shutting out the Pirates with an 8-0 victory in the National League Wild Card Game.

Giants Clinch NL Wild Card in Oakley goggles

Pablo Sandoval showers his teammates in champagne while sporting his Oakley goggles