When a fly ball is headed for your glove there should be nothing in your way. So when you're out in the field and the stadium lights are shining down, catch every hit and close out the game with lenses for infielders. In this lens guide, we’ll dive into what makes for a great baseball lens choice and some brands we carry that really crush the game with their lens technologies. Enhance your vision on the field and read more about the best lenses for infielders below!

Baseball Lens Guide for Infielders

1. What to look for in Baseball Lenses for Infielders
2. Top Lens Picks
3. Prescription Baseball Sunglasses at SportRx

What's the Best Lens Color for Infielders?

First things first, contrast is king!

Rose Lenses

Rose and rose copper lenses are great tints for daytime play. These colors provide the highest contrast, boost colors, and helps separate them against the backdrop as you're looking towards the hitter. You'll find it easier to spot the ball against the blue sky, green grass, and stadium seats.

Brown Lenses

A brown lens is denser than a rose lens which makes them better for sunny days. While still providing great contrast enhancement a brown lens is a great option for a darker style lens.

Top Lens Picks

Oakley PRIZM Field

When a fly ball gets lost in the sky, PRIZM field lenses boost the critical colors by eliminating the distracting ones so you can spot every stitch on the catch coming down. By manipulating the light spectrum, PRIZM Field enhances contrast to make the ball appear more vivid and helps you track against the textures of the field or sky.

Oakley Radar EV Path

Oakley Radar EV Path in Matte Black with PRIZM Snow Torch

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  • Tracks fly balls against the sky or stadium/li>
  • Identify the pitch by enhancing red stitching on the ball
  • Reacts to ground balls and line drives head your way

Racing Red

A high contrast lens that's ideal for cloudy games, the Racing Red lens will surely speed up your game. This extremely popular static lens is on a red base with blue mirroring and 32.9% light transmission. Racing Red offers an outstanding UV 400 Protection, neutralizing any UV light completely. This lens will enhance visual acuity and minimize distortion while offering the highest quality optics and superior contrast in varying light conditions that are perfect for the infield, day and night.

Rudy Project Rydon in matte Black with Racing Red Lens

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KEY BENEFITS of Racing Red


Ramping up the contrast to make colors more vibrant, HiPER lens is a great catch. Selective filtering of light rays increases contrast and definition to give you clear vision throughout any weather condition or swing.

100% S2

100% S2 in Soft Tact Off White with HiPER red Mirror Lens

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  • Sharper contrast by filtering rays for greater depth perception
  • Better vision by sharpening your surroundings to see the ball
  • Brings colors to life to unmatched perception

Prescription Baseball Sunglasses at SportRx

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