Finding the perfect Maui Jim fashion sunglasses can be tough because there are so many great frames to choose from! The Maui Jim Noni is one of the newest luxury sunglasses from Maui Jim and we think they should be at the top of your list. Read on for all the reasons why you should choose these Maui Jim designer sunglasses.

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Video Review

If you're looking for a video review of the Maui Jim Noni, we've got one below!

Maui Jim Noni Review

It's safe to say that these stylish sunglasses have a lot going for them. Maui has managed to pack a bunch of our favorite Maui features into this simple, yet elegant frame. The Noni's clean lines make for a pleasing profile that will work on both men and women, though, we do feel that the Noni is more suited for the ladies. One of the most eye-catching features of the Noni has to be their oblong, oval lens shape, which stands out from other Maui sunglasses. With our first impressions aside, let's jump into the finer details.


The Noni comes in at an average size (SFW: 134) that will fit most heads and face shapes. The frame is constructed of colorful, acetate-wrapped, monel metal, which decorates the outer edge of the lenses. The same colorful acetate, is used to wrap the temple tips for comfort and a tasteful accent. The beautiful exposed metal that makes up the simple saddle bridge and temples is stainless-steel, which adds a shimmer to the Noni. Now, let's talk a bit about the technical features, fit, and comfort.

The Noni is also fitted with silicone-wrapped stainless-steel adjustable nose pads that give you a perfect fit and that extra touch of luxury. Dependable and easy-to-repair pin hinges mean that you don't have to worry about tricky repairs, which is always a great reassurance when purchasing your favorite new Maui Jim eyewear. The Noni affords casual simplicity in it's design, while being dependable and sturdy. All the things you could want in your everyday sunglasses. Now that we've covered the frame, let's talk about the lenses!


The good news is that Maui Jim lenses are spectacular. Maui Jim prides themselves on how much time and effort has gone into crafting their amazing lenses, and they're never done improving on their superior lenses and lens technology. To top that off, you can count on all the standard Maui optical perks such as PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, scratch resistance, oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings, and anti glare tech. Something to note about Maui's proprietary polarized lenses, is that Maui Jim's polarization technology doesn't have issues with depth perception or distortion, common in polarized lenses from many other brands.

Now, on to the great news. What lenses come in the Noni? The Noni comes fitted with Maui's SuperThin glass lenses which offer their best optical experience. Maui's SuperThin glass is 32% lighter than the average glass lens while also being much thinner. This simply reduces the overall weight of the frame giving you, the wearer a more comfortable, wearable frame. Add this to the supreme optics, luxurious comfort perks of the Noni, and the great looks of this frame, and you can see why we think the Noni should be at the top of your list.

SportRx Frame Width (SFW): 134mm, which means a medium fit for men and a large fit for women.

Maui Jim Noni in Tortoise and gold with HCL Bronze lenses

Maui Jim Noni in Tortoise and gold with HCL Bronze lenses

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