Today we're doing an unboxing and review of the Maui Jim MJO2209 eyeglasses. If you've got your eyes on these, come see what all the fuss is about.

Table of Contents

1. Maui Jim Clear Lenses
2. Why Maui Jim Lenses?
3. Maui Jim MJO2209 Review & Unboxing
4. Prescription Maui Jim Eyeglasses at SportRx

Eyeglass Tyler has the scoop on the MJO2209 eyeglasses from Maui Jim. Watch the video or keep reading to learn more!

Maui Jim Clear Lenses

If you don't already know about how great MauiPassport™ clear lenses are, rest assured the same quality you know and love from their sunglasses can be found in Maui Jim eyeglasses as well. You have 6 different lens options to choose from:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Trivex
  • Mid Index (1.60)
  • High Index (1.67)
  • Maui High Contrast™
  • Maui Blue Light Protect™

The last two are both made out of the High Index 1.67 material. As for Maui High Contrast™, Tyler points out there really isn't anything else like this on the market. These lenses have a slight blue tint that makes fine print easier to read and are also a good option for night driving. However, they aren't the best lenses for computer or digital screen use. For those, check out Maui Blue Light Protect™.

HEV blue light is emitted in small amounts from electronic screens and larger amounts from the sun. Maui Blue Light Protect™ protects against this harmful blue light as well as eye strain, eye fatigue, and potential retinal damage, all results of long-term blue light exposure.

Why Maui Jim Lenses?

Maui Jim is a company that loves to innovate. They prefer to make as many of their frames as possible from scratch, and their lenses reflect that. Every clear lens comes equipped with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, an anti-reflective coating, and a ClearShell scratch coating. On top of all that, all Maui Jim clear lenses are 100% UV resistant.

To make a good thing even better, you can put authentic PolarizedPlus2® sunglass lenses into any pair of Maui Jim eyeglasses. Note that if you do, your only lens material options are MauiBrilliant or polycarbonate.

Maui Jim MJO2209 Review & Unboxing

Without further ado, the actual review and unboxing you're here for! The MJO2209 suits Tyler's aesthetic since he's a big fan of round lenses in glasses. The acetate frame ensures these eyeglasses will last a while and maintain their shape, and there are plenty of bold color options too. If you prefer something less flashy there are some subtle options, but Tyler's big on the extravagant.

Since the MJO2209 eyeglasses are part of Maui Jim's acetate collection, they have mountain etchings on the crystal colorways. This metal core helps with adjustability and maintaining the frame's shape, while the etching's design is inspired by traditional Hawaiian art. There are also spring hinges to lend flexibility to the eyeglasses' SportRx Frame Width (SFW) of 125, making these glasses a small. However, with round lenses and the spring hinges, you could also fit these on a more medium face.

Last but not least, inside the box is a folding case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Tyler reminds you of Sunglass Rob's favorite saying, "On your face or in the case, that way you don't have to replace!" He also reminds you to wash your cleaning cloth regularly so you don't rub dirt or dust into your new lenses.

That's all we have! Check out the MJO2209 below.

Maui Jim MJO2209 eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2209 in Crystal & Amber Smoke with Mountain Core

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Maui Jim MJO2209 Key Features:

  • Acetate frame with mountain core temples (crystal colorways)
  • Round lens shape + spring hinges
  • SFW: 125 (small)

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