Calling all prescription-wearing Maui Jim fans! They heard the call and it’s finally here. Your sunglasses Rx will no longer be the hindrance between you and ever-popular Maui Jim green lenses. Beginning May 16th, MAUIGreen will be available in prescription! Before we look at the lenses in a few sunglass styles, let’s go over the benefits of MAUIGreen lenses.

MAUIGreen Overview

Maui Jim offers four different base tints to their PolarizedPlus2 lenses with the option of their flashy mirrors as well. MAUIGreen is a green mirror lens added to the front side of their Nuetral Grey lens. This Neutral Grey is ideal for bright sunlight. It is a high contrast gray lens meaning it blocks out the harsh sun while not dulling the colorful views around you. It is best for conditions where you will be exposed to direct sunlight so it is great for open water sports and environments, or driving along the sunny coast. If you’re light sensitive or just prefer a dark sunglass, MAUIGreen is a great choice for you.

So, what attributes do you get with MAUIGreen prescription lenses? When you look through a green-mirrored gray lens, it gives off a rose hue and adds a pop of color and contrast to your surroundings. This makes it great for activities like inshore fishing to help you spot your next mount-worthy catch. The mirror also makes it hard for people to see your eyes from the outside. Instead, they will see a solid green, reflective lens.

Prescription MAUIGreen Lenses at SportRx

If you’re not sure whether the optics or aesthetics of prescription MAUIGreen lenses are right for you, Contact SportRx. We have friendly opticians available 7 days a week to help you decide whether or not the lenses are right for you.

Try your prescription MAUIGreen lenses risk free with our See Better Guarantee. If you’re not happy after 45 days, send them back for a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair of Maui Jims. And return shipping? Covered.