Aloha Maui Jim fans! Today we're going over the differences between two types of mirror lenses, the Blue Hawaii and Hawaii Lava lenses. Tune in to see how they differ in more ways than just blue or red!

Table of Contents

1. Maui Jim Blue Hawaii Lens
2. Maui Jim Hawaii Lava Lens
3. Maui Jim Blue Hawaii vs. Hawaii Lava Lens
4. Prescription Maui Jim Sunglasses at SportRx

Sunglass Rob compares the two lens types to help you decide which is best for you. Watch the video below or keep reading to find out!

Maui Jim Blue Hawaii Lens

First, we'll talk about the Blue Hawaii lens. Maui Jim introduced mirror coatings a few years back, this being the first one. The recipe, so to speak, is a solid blue mirror placed over the Neutral Grey lens. When people look at you, they'll see a brilliant ocean-blue color like below.

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Maui Jim Mavericks in Silver with Blue Hawaii Lenses

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Here's where we get into the fun science behind it. You may think that when you look through a Blue Hawaii lens, you'll see the Neutral Grey tint. You may also think you'll see a blue lens. These are both incorrect. When you look through a Blue Hawaii lens, the chemical bonding of the grey tint plus a blue mirror actually results in a bronze or amber hue. Rob loves the Blue Hawaii lens because it's still a very dark and protective lens, but it has a lot of added contrast from the mirror. He also points out that this bronze tint is a feature of blue mirror lenses in general, not just Maui Jim.

Maui Jim Hawaii Lava Lens

The Hawaii Lava lens is a new mirror coating from Maui Jim! This one has a lava-red color placed over the HCL Bronze lens and is a bit more of a gradient mirror. This means it's a solid red at the top but gradually fades toward the bottom—yes, a bit like lava!

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Maui Jim Cruzem in Matte Black with Hawaii Lava Lenses

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As you may suspect, like the Blue Hawaii lens, the Hawaii Lava lens doesn't quite retain the HCL Bronze tint. While people looking at you will see that fire-red hue, when you look through the lens it's actually a very pleasant green tint. It's still a dark and contrast-boosting lens, but it looks more green than bronze. However, because of the gradient mirror, the green fades into more of the original bronze hue toward the bottom of the lens. You really do get it all!

Maui Jim Blue Hawaii vs. Hawaii Lava Lens

In the end, which lens you pick is really up to you. Both the Maui Jim Blue Hawaii lens and the Hawaii Lava lens are dark and protective while enhancing color and contrast. They're also both polarized and available in prescription thanks to PolarizedPlus2® technology! To decide which one is for you, think about whether you'll want people to see blue or red lenses when they look at you, and whether you prefer a bronze tint or a green one.

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