It’s Show and Tell with Sunglass Rob and Kelly and they’re here to school us on Maui Jim Readers! Now, Maui Jim has been offering sports readers for about 5 years. But Kelly, a Maui Jim employee for 15 years, explains they also have sunglasses with flat-top bifocal lenses built in! Let’s see what they have to show us about Bifocal Sunglasses:

All Things Maui Jim Reading Sunglasses

A. What are bifocal reading sunglasses?
B. Are Maui Jim reading sunglasses worth it?
C. How do I purchase Maui Jim bifocal reading sunglasses?
D. Best uses for Bifocals
E. The Best Maui Jim Bifocal Reader Sunglasses

What are bifocal reading sunglasses?

Somewhere around age 40, our eyes decide that they simply don’t want to keep up with our active lifestyle. This is where a pair of cheaters, aka readers, come in handy. But then it quickly becomes a hassle to switch between your stylin' sunglasses and your not-so-stylin' readers. Who has time for that when you are tying a fly or reading a nautical chart? Certainly not Maui Jim! That's why they now offer 100 of their top sunglass designs with flat-top bifocals built inside of the lenses! Offered in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 power levels, the bifocal segments are set low in the frame so they don't interrupt the action in the distance. And the best part? Maui Jim reader-models are a mere $40 extra than their non-reader counterparts.

Are Maui Jim sunglasses worth it?

The cost of Maui Jim bifocal reading sunglasses is high. So are they worth that pretty penny? If you have previously owned Maui Jim Bifocal Reading Sunglasses, you already know what the Island-inspired brand offers in terms of quality. If you’re new to the brand and bifocal readers, then read on.


Great news, any Maui Jim frame can be fitted with a bifocal reader lens. This ensures that you can wear your favorite shades anywhere the day might take you. In fact, you can choose from over 100 different styles in a bifocal reader or upgrade a current pair of Maui Jim sunglasses to a bifocal reader for only $40.


If having your favorite Maui Jim frames available as readers wasn't enough to sway you let's talk about lenses. Maui Jim's patented lens technology is known as PolarizedPlus2® and really is the stuff that is the Maui Jim difference. Their exceptional lens tech blocks all harmful UV rays, diminishes glare, while still giving you that vivid color, clarity, and detail. They were developed to help you to experience the beauty of Hawaii in the way that it was meant to be seen. In terms of color, you have the option of their 4 signature lenses. They also now feature 3 of their solid mirrored tints; Blue Hawaii, Maui Sunrise, and Hawaii Lava.

How do I Purchase Maui Jim Bifocal Reading Sunglasses?

Imagine, if you will, high style Maui Jim sunglasses that also allow you to: read the menu at the club, offer to tally up the scorecard or text home to ask what's for dinner. No more tipping the wait staff with the pair of glasses you forgot on the table at home. With Maui Jim Readers, you will have the reader power you need hidden in your sunglasses for no one to see. And with the MyMaui Program, you pick from 100 of the top frame designs, select your magnification, then choose 1 of their 4 color lenses or 3 solid mirrors with PolarizedPlus2® Lens Technology to completely customize your look:

Maui Jim Neutral Grey

Neutral Grey - This lens is best in bright, direct sunlight. It offers the highest available light reduction for rich colors and razor-sharp contrast.

Maui Jim HCL Bronze

HCL® Bronze - This lens is excellent for varied, everyday conditions and provides a beautiful, warm tint.

Maui Jim Maui Rose

Maui Rose® - This lens is best for fast action activities and offers a subtle rose tint with the highest available contrast.

Maui Jim Maui HT

Maui HT™ - This lens is best for low light and golf. When most lenses are too dark, this "high transmission" lens offers extra contrast and color.

Best uses for Bifocal Reader Sunglasses

Many bifocals serve their purpose well enough but still end up being impractical for activities like golf or driving. The same useful reader lens that is so useful for writing down your golf score might also interfere while you try to tee off.

Maui Jim wasn’t satisfied and set out to develop a bifocal that could be used in a wider scope of everyday activities. They solved the problem by simply moving the reader portion lower on the lens allowing for less interference with your vision while you enjoy some time in the sand and sun.

  • Reading: Picture reading in a hammock by the beach. An Arnold Palmer or other favorite beverage is in reach while you relax to the sounds of the beach. If that doesn't sound like your thing, who doesn’t want to be able to read through the lunch specials while enjoying an ocean view from a beach-side restaurant patio?
  • Golf: As we mentioned before, bifocals would typically not be ideal for the links. However, the optimized lens placement of Maui Jim bifocal readers for golf allows you to switch between the scorecard and the green seamlessly.
  • Driving: Another question many people ask is whether they can drive while wearing bifocals? The common answer would be no. With Maui Jim’s unique lens placement, you can safely check your GPS while cruising the roads and have no issues.
  • Boating: There are a number of reasons why Maui Jim bifocal readers would be helpful while out at sea on your beloved vessel. Whether you need to read a nautical chart or simply check the fish-finder, you’ll be well equipped to do so.
  • Fishing: If you spend time tying on flies, lures, or other fresh and saltwater offerings, you know how tough it can be to see what you’re doing. In fact, most people probably struggle with threading their line for the perfect knot regardless of how good their vision is. Bifocal readers are an excellent solution for anglers and with Maui Jim’s lens technology, you’ll have a very nice advantage over your quarry.

The Best Maui Jim Bifocal Reader Sunglasses

Now that we've gone over all the things you may have wanted to know about Maui Jim's bifocal readers, let's take a look at some of the top choices from our opticians here at SportRx.

Maui Jim Red Sands

To kick off our short list of best Maui Jim reader sunglasses, we begin with the Red Sands. The classic look of the frames makes them an eye catcher, but what you can't see is the featherweight nylon-injected frames. The saddle-style bridge and comfortable adjustable nose pads will rest on your face like nothing is there at all. The rectangular lens design suites a wide variety of face shapes while also giving you great coverage from the sun. This all adds up to a frame that will perform wherever you need it to.

Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses

Maui Jim Red Sands in Black & Grey Tortoise with HCL Bronze Lenses

Shop Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglass Readers

Maui Jim Ho'okipa

Maui Jim's Ho'okipa is one of their top selling frames and for a good reason. On top of the normal perks that come along with Maui Jim reading sunglasses, the Ho'okipa is made of a highly durable polymer known as Grilamid. Paired with a no slip nose pad and temple grips, you can be sure that these frames will handle anything you may throw at them while also looking very cool.

Maui Jim Ho'Okipa polarized sunglasses

Maui Jim Ho'okipa in Gloss Black with HCL Bronze Lenses

Shop Maui Jim Ho'okipa Sunglass Readers

Maui Jim Peahi

This frame has the benefit of a wider arm to give more peripheral coverage while you're out in the sun. Comfortable rubber nose pads and gently wrapping temples increase stability to ensure these stay in place while reeling in the big one.

Maui Jim Peahi Bifocal Reader

Maui Jim Peahi in Gloss Black with Grey lens

Shop Maui Jim Peahi Sunglass Readers

Maui Jim Makaha

Oahu's serene Makaha Valley inspired the Makaha. Similar to the Ho'okipa and Banyans these rectangular reading sunglasses compliment a variety of face shapes. The frame is constructed of lightweight, durable polymer that blends flexibility together with strength, notorious for retaining its shape. Extra-grip rubber nosepads and temples ensure a super secure fit.

Maui Jim Makaha Bifocal Reader

Maui Jim Makaha in Tortoise with Green Lens

Shop Maui Jim Makaha Sunglass Readers

Maui Jim Baby Beach

Ahh, nothing is cooler than the classic aviator. And Maui Jim makes a bunch of great looking aviators! The Maui Jim Baby Beach features durable titanium and suites a casual active lifestyle with ease. Pull out the lounge chair and kick those sandals off.

Maui Jim Baby Beach Bifocal Reader

Maui Jim Baby Beach in Rose Gold with Maui Sunrise lens

Shop Maui Jim Baby Beach Sunglass Readers

Maui Jim Starfish

The Maui Jim Starfish has a fun, relaxed cat eye shape to them and features Maui's SuperThin Glass. This means the best definition and color while remaining lightweight and comfortable while you sit poolside.

Maui Jim Starfish Bifocal Readers

Maui Jim Starfish in Sandstone with Blue and Maui Rose Lens

Shop Maui Jim Starfish Sunglass Readers

Maui Jim Banyans

The Banyans are another of Maui Jim's classic frames. The subtle differences between it's close relatives on this list include; a taller lens than the Makaha or Ho'okipa and a slightly different nose design. Other than that, the Banyans do what they're meant to do. Look great, perform well, and help you see the world with that Maui Jim difference.

Maui Jim Banyans

Maui Jim Banyans in Gloss Black with Neutral Grey lens

Shop Maui Jim Banyans Sunglass Readers

Trust SportRx with Your Reader Purchase

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