Anti-fog prescription ski goggles

SportRx hitting the slopes in Spy Doom anti-fog ski goggles

From motorcycle glasses, to snow goggles, to your favorite pair of sunglasses, fogging has been a longtime issue when it comes to sports eyewear, especially in the wintertime. There are various products available on the market, ranging from sprays to waxes, to rinsing with some sort of dish soap concoction. To help make things easier for our customers, the SportRx lab has developed a premium anti-fog treatment that reduces the water droplets' surface tension. This allows the droplets to disperse into an invisible, continuous, thin sheet, promoting clear, fog-free vision. Lenses treated with our anti-fog coating have been evaluated using various exposure tests per industry standard procedures. Our lab does this in order to ensure the best defense against fogging in a variety of sport conditions; for example:

Anti-fog Prescription Snow Goggles

Clear vision is essential when you're bombing down a slope

  • Hot & Moist Air Test - testing for fog formation after exposing to a hot, moist environment.
  • Freeze Test - testing for fog formation after transferring from cold conditions to a humid environment.
  • Direct-Breath Fog Test - testing for fog formation after direct breathing on the coated surface.

The anti-fog treatment can be combined with anti-reflective mirror and scratch-resistant coatings, creating optimal Rx lenses for your sport performance needs. And yes, that's right - you can get your snowboarding and ski goggles in prescription, too! For longer life of your anti-fog lenses and to maintain its excellent hydrophilic performance, avoid contact with any chemicals and keep them stored safely in their case when not in use. A bottle of Rejuvenator Solution is included in every order. This is all you need to clean and maintain the anti-fog properties on your treated lenses from SportRx for every season.