Kaenon brings out a new size for their signature Burnet sunglasses. The new Burnet Mid is for the medium to large fit. If you are looking for the Goldilocks size between Kaenon Burnet and Burnet XL, Kaenon Burnet Mid is just right for you. Tyler, SportRx Sports Optician, and Brent, Kaenon's Marketing Manager, size up each of the Burnets. Check out the first look review below and find your ideal sized Kaenon Burnet.

Why Kaenon?

In 2001, Kaenon was found by two brothers were dissatisfied with the sunglasses on the market. They took it upon themselves to develop their own lens technology so everyone could experience better. As a result, Kaenon continues to create outstanding sunglasses and is a major player in the eyewear industry. Kaenon blends performance with trendy styles, listening to the feedback from their customers.

Enjoy your Favorite Activities with Kaenon Burnet

Kaenon Burnet is great for fishing, hiking, running, paddling, and other weekend activities. The frame is made with light and flexible TR-90 nylon materials for all-day wear. Their lens technology, SR-91, features great polarization for clear optical experience. The lenses reduce glare and are impact resistant to the point of being virtually unbreakable. The Burnet Mid is available with a variety of colored lenses and colorways for the perfect complement to your style. Kaenon's technology will boost the performance of your activities while looking good.

Kaenon Burnet Mid

Kaenon Burnet Mid in Matte Black with G12 Pacific Blue Mirror

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Prescription Kaenon Burnet Sunglasses at SportRx

Need prescription lenses? Turn your Kaenon Burnet Mid sunglasses into prescription sunglasses. The entire Burnet collection is available in prescription at SportRx. Check out our post on learning the benefits of ordering sunglasses online. Hint: It's not just free shipping and returns from SportRx. Get them in front of your home fast and easy. Feel free to Contact Us to hear from one of our in-house opticians who can answer all your question and help you complete your order. Get your new Kaenon Burnet prescription sunglasses today!