There are days when the beach will call you in for a lazy one, or the ocean will beg for a swim, but on days when 'Sea Time' screams for a steer, you must never let your loyal love down. Coil up the lines, pull up the fenders, and hit the high seas confidently in a pair of the best men's boating sunglasses. This year's list is sure to send your ship in the direction your boating day desires: upward and onward.

Best Men's Boating Sunglasses

A. What to Look for in Boating Sunglasses
B. The Best Men's Boating Sunglasses
1. Kaenon Burnet Mid
2. Maui Jim Peahi
3. Wiley X Omega
4. Hobie Baja
5. Costa Rincon
6. Maui Jim Red Sands
7. SMITH Hookshot
C. Prescription Boating Sunglasses at SportRx

What to Look for in Boating Sunglasses

Great Coverage

For a day out on the sea, a pair of sunglasses that offers a good amount of coverage will make it a smooth ride. An 8-base frame will be a secure wrap for a full coverage frame. Another feature to look for to secure a comfortable fit is to find sunglasses that have thicker temples. This will help protect you from sunlight, wind, and any debris you might find at sea.


We always recommend polarized lenses for sea adventures. The reason for this is when sunlight hits at a vertical wavelength, it reflects off the water and is redirected into a horizontal wavelength, which results in that disruptive glare. In a pair of polarized lenses, that light is filtered out, which allows you to see clearly through the water's reflective surfaces, helping you track the whitecaps ahead with clear vision.

Proper Fit & Great Grip

Your boating sunglasses should be so comfortable you notice nothing more than the pleasant view of the ocean around you. If you haven't checked out our SFW measuring guide, you must — it'll help you find a proper fit for any frame on our site. Another feature that aids in a comfortable fit is having grip on the nose pads or temple tips. This feature secures the fit and helps prevent your new sunglasses from slipping off your face and sinking down into the ocean.

The Best Men's Boating Sunglasses

Kaenon Burnet Mid

The ocean called and asked for the Kaenon Burnet Mid to make its way to land. Thus bringing this ultra-lightweight, impact-resistant TR-90 nylon frame that is to make your boating days a pleasant ride every whitecap you roll over. Offering the clarity benefits of glass with its SR-91 lenses, Burnet Mid will max out comfort and take your vision on a whole new experience.

Kaenon Burnet Mid

Kaenon Burnet Mid in Matte Black with G12 Pacific Blue Mirror

Shop Kaenon Burnet Mid

Kaenon Burnet Mid Key Features:

  • Embedded nose pad grip
  • Quality TR-90 frame material
  • Wrapped, 8-base lens curvature
  • SFW: 132 (Medium fit)

Maui Jim Peahi

Named after the legendary surf break on Maui's north shore, Peahi sunglasses are a crowd roaring favorite. Inspired by the power of the waves, Maui Jim Peahi is built with durable frame materials that are comfortable and powerful for any seas you find yourself on. When the waves are calling and the boating needs steering, Maui Jim Peahi will get you through the roughest waters.

maui jim peahi reader black sunglasses with grey lenses

Maui Jim Peahi in Polished Black with Neutral Grey Lenses

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Maui Jim Peahi Key Features:

  • Wrapped, 8-base lens curvature
  • SuperThin Glass lenses
  • Fixed saddle-style design
  • SFW: 140 (large to XL fit)

Wiley X Omega

Wearing Wiley X Omega sunglasses will take your boating days from a ride around the harbor to a cruise along the coast. With CAPTIVATE™ lenses, you get enhanced color, greater clarity, better depth perceptions, and best of all, a happier mood. No, seriously: with Wiley X lens technology, the blocking of harmful light will regulate your sleep/wake cycle and benefit your mood levels. Ready to take that cruise now?

wiley x omega sunglasses in matte black with captivated polarized bronze mirror lenses

Wiley X Omega in Matte Black with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Bronze Mirror Lenses

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Wiley X Omega Key Features:

  • Shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses
  • Foil lens coating provides anti-fog protection
  • Rubber nose pads
  • SFW: 135 (Medium/Large fit)

Hobie Baja

A Baja classic to our hometown, Hobie Baja will really make you feel like living by the water is a must. Designed for ultimate comfort and performance in mind, these sunglasses are equipped with co-molded rubber nose pads and an anti-fogging gasket to keep your sunglasses secure and fog-free. For any open waters you find yourself happiest on Hobie Baja sunglasses are the frames to smile big in.

Hobie Baja

Hobie Baja in Satin Brown Wood Grain

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Hobie Baja Key Features:

      • Hydro 360 polycarbonate lenses repel water, sweat & sunscreen
      • TR-90 frame material is lightweight & durable
      • Durable precision flex hinges
      • SFW: 136 (Medium/Large fit)

Costa Rincon

A home-based, West Coast-style frame, Costa Rincon is ready for a cruise across the big blue. Featuring a straight bridge, wrapping style lines, and edgy curved temples, Rincon is kicking it back just as much as you should on your boating adventures. Made from castor plant bio-based resin, this big frame styles sharp angles and spring hinges a comfortable, classic-looking boating sunglass.

Costa Rinconcito

Costa Rinconcito in Matte Black with Green Mirror 580G lens

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Costa Rincon Key Features:

  • Costa 580G lenses
  • Spring hinges
  • Great for our big head friends
  • SFW: 137 (Large fit)

Maui Jim Red Sands

Drift away in sunglasses that are made with ocean life in mind. The only red sand beaches in the entire world inspire Maui Jim Red Sands. With its rectangular lens shape that's equipped with PolarizedPlus2® technology, Red Sands is the bold frame that takes your boating days to the highest seas. Combined with its durable and lightweight frame material, these sunglasses are sure to be a drop-the-anchor kind of sunny day.


maui jim red sands sunglasses in matte black with blue lenses

Maui Jim Red Sands in Matte Black with Blue Hawaii Lenses

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Maui Jim Red Sands Key Features:

      • MauiPure lens — lightest weight choice for long days in the sun
      • Adjustable nose bridge
      • 6-base lens curvature
      • SFW: 138 (Large fit)

SMITH Hookshot

Let your boating days last forever in the SMITH Hookshot sunglasses. With ChromaPop lenses, your days at sea will be more vibrant and filled with an enhanced natural color experience. Featuring Megol temple tips and nose pads we're sure Hookshot is the perfect pair of sunglasses to close out this year's list of best men's boating sunglasses.

Smith Hookshot

SMITH Hookshot in matte Black with ChromaPop Polarized Green Mirror lens

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SMITH Hookshot Key Features:

  • Wrapped, 8-base lens curvature
  • ChromaPop lenses
  • Evolve bio-based frame material, lightweight & durable
  • SFW: 140 (Large fit)

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