Selecting the right snow goggles for our kids is more complicated than ever with the sheer volume of options out there. We've done the work to help simplify the process. After all, who wants more complexity when you just want to hit the slopes with your family? Here are our 4 tips to consider when buying your kids' snow goggles.

Buying Kids Snowboard Goggles

1. Impact Resistant Lenses
2. Comfortable Fit
3. Affordability
4. Cool Design
5. Our Suggestions for Kids Ski & Snowboard Goggles
5.1. Oakley Line Miner Youth
5.2. Anon Optics Relapse Jr MFI
5.3. SPY Cadet Snow Goggle

Impact Resistant Lenses

Life comes at you fast on the slopes, so keep your kids safe with the right snow goggles. The majority of goggles on the market are made with impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. Durability and visual clarity of the lenses are paramount for a safer riding experience. Some brands have lens technology that directly addresses this need for enhanced clarity, such as Oakley PRIZM.

Comfortable Fit

Shopping for comfort has two benefits: less distraction on the slope, and riding longer without chaffing and rashes. Uncomfortable frames are bound to be taken off and inevitably misplaced. The more comfortable the ski goggles are the less likely they are to remove (and lose) them. The goggles need to contour to fit your child's face well. Multi-layer face foam helps with contouring and keeps your kids feeling good.

Helmet compatibility is also a must. Seamless integration without a gap between the helmet and the goggle helps prevent unwanted sunburn and wind chaffing. Low-profile frames tend to work best with most helmets.


Kids ski goggles should be affordable. Safety, comfort, durability, and style should not break the bank. Keep in mind that on the high end of the cost spectrum can cost over $100. These frames have features that set them apart from some lower-costed, yet high-quality ski and snowboarding goggles.

Cool Design

Let your kids have a say in the shopping. Kids ski goggles are for them so they need to love what they look like. There are tons of options so you can give your kids a chance to choose their goggles. Eye-catching designs and colorways abound so kids can pick what style they like best. Narrow down the choices based on our criteria then let your kids pick from your curated list of snow goggles.

Our Suggestions for Kids Ski & Snowboard Goggles

The following goggles rank highly in all of these categories. Durability, comfortable fit, affordability, and design. Keep in mind the price tag for each goggle mentioned is tied to the features offered. Some goggles offer more than others.

Oakley Line Miner Youth

Line Miner Youth

Oakley Line Miner Youth in Retina Burn with PRIZM Jade

Shop Oakley Line Miner Youth

Oakley's first-ever youth PRIZM goggle features a low profile design that is compatible with most helmets. PRIZM Lens technology increases contrast for the clearest ride experience available. PRIZM lenses control of light transmission resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility.

Anon Optics Relapse Jr MFI

Anon Relapse Jr. MFI goggles

Anon Relapse Jr MFI in Black n Blue with Blue Amber Lens

Shop Anon Relapse Jr. MFI

Anon Relapse Jr. MFI goggles have Wall-to-Wall Vision technology that provides excellent peripheral vision on the slopes. Anon.'s Relapse Jr Goggles also features Magnetic Facemask Integration that seals the facemask to the goggle so your child's face is kept warm on the mountain.

SPY Cadet Snow Goggles

SPY Cadet in Camo with Persimmon Lens

Shop SPY Cadet


All of the features of the adult sized frames are built into this compact size for kids. SPY Cadet snow goggles feature durable, flexible frame material. The comfortable face foam moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece and a silicone-ribbed strap ensure a great fit. The lenses are also scratch resistant and anti-fog making for a clear riding experience.

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Need prescription ski goggles? Get customized prescription lenses for your kids' prescription and non-prescription needs for ski and snowboarding goggles. The experts in our lab will gladly custom build prescription inserts for your family. Contact Us to speak to one of our in-house opticians for any questions you have or to help complete your order.

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