Rudy Project Exception, Rudy Prject Prescription Sunglasses

Rudy Project Exception - the ultimate sunglasses for high prescriptions

The Rudy Project Exception is appropriately named; they are very much the exception in the industry. When it comes to most other models, the insert part is usually an afterthought – just regular sunglasses that you can accessorize with an insert. The difference with the Rudy Project Exception is the insert is an integral part of the sunglasses –they’re not a secondary accessory.

The insert on the Exception is also flat, while other inserts tend to have a lot of curvature. The curve negates the purpose of an insert since the reason you would use one is because your prescription is too high for a curved lens in the first place.

What’s more, there are two options for the Rudy Exception insert: regular and high Rx. We generally go with the high Rx option because people who are opting for the insert to begin with to tend to have a very high prescription. Personally, I’ve done up to a -16 prescription in these, which makes the Rudy Exception exceptional for that reason alone. Plus, they're uper durable and last a really long time. You can use them season after season and just update the inserts when you're ready for a new prescription.

The other cool thing about the Exception is the flip-up technology. Although not the sexiest thing in the world, if you go indoors or if you’re in a shaded area, you don’t have to switch glasses. Just flip up the sunglass part and have your prescription underneath it. Also, the flip-up section is removable so you can wear the insert by itself as regular glasses (it doesn’t look very good but hey, it works). P

Rudy Project Exception, Prescription Insert lenses

The Rudy Project Exception's versatile flip-up lenses

The awesomeness doesn’t stop here. There are a number of important sport-specific features that also contribute to the exceptionality of the Exception:

-The nose pads and temples are adjustable, making them uber comfortable and adaptable to a range of faces

-They have rubberized temples and nose pads, keeping them secure on your face

-The arms are straight, making them helmet-compatible if you’re cycling

-And last but not least, the outer, non-Rx lenses are completely interchangeable, so you can get different lens colors to adapt to different conditions

Bottom line: if you’re going to rock an insert, do it right and rock the Rudy Project Exception. From frame to lenses, these sunglasses are tailored specifically for the high-prescription-wearing athlete.

Rudy Project Exception, Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses

Frankie rockin' the flip-ups. Oh yeah.