If you’re anything like me, an avid Netflix watcher who is constantly looking for new movie inspiration, you too will appreciate a carefully curated cinematic list of the year: The 2020 Academy Awards. Appearing across multiple categories, Ford v Ferrari quickly piqued my interest and became a candidate for my next theater date. A simple Google search tells me that this is a story of American automotive designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and British professional race car driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) and their mission to build a new racing car, the Ford GT40, to defeat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1966.

Traditionally, I wouldn’t consider myself a driving enthusiast or even call this my kind of movie but during my innocent search for a movie to fill a quiet evening, Google introduced me to you: Hello, Christian Bale in the Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama.

Matt Damon and Christian Bale wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses in Ford v Ferrari

Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama sunglasses featured on Christian Bale in Ford v Ferrari

The Frame: RB4089 Balorama

It felt like the blind date I wasn’t expecting. The one that your friend springs on you without any heads up because they know you won’t agree. Here I am looking for a movie, and every image, trailer, and article, shows Christian Bale wearing the Ray-Ban Balorama in Ford v Ferrari. My knight in sparkling eyewear. Or should I say my professional race car driver in RB4089?

Either way, I am enamored by the look it gives Bale. I have yet to see the movie but it doesn’t even matter because I can see his character. He’s fearless, daring, fast, a little intimidating, and definitely knows what he is doing. The sleek frame is understated yet bold, mimicking the cool confidence of its wearer. His gaze is hidden by dark G-15 lenses, leaving you wondering where his eyes are focused. I start to feel like maybe I need a pair to avert my gaze, too. He is confident, collected, and leaves you guessing. A perfect combination of mystery and allure.

Now, I can’t help but wonder what is having this effect. Is it Bale or is it the RB4089 sunglasses? Bale v Balorama, if you will. To keep my hopes up, I am giving this win to the Balorama sunglasses. While I can’t go out and get myself a Christian Bale, I can get my guy in the Balorama. Thank you, Ray-Ban.

They say love comes when you least expect it. Cupid hit me hard with this one and I can assure you that arrow is leading me straight to the theater to watch Ford v Ferrari with my date sporting a sleek pair of Ray-Ban Balorama sunglasses.


Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama Black Sunglasses Black with G-15 Polarized Lenses

Ray-Ban RB4089 Balorama Sunglasses Black with G-15 Polarized Lenses

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