The world around us is very beautiful and full of colors. Every day we are reminded of this by great sunrises, phenomenal scenery, and even better sunsets. It is through our eyes that we are able to witness all of these. Our eyes give us the ability to have memories that will last a lifetime. In fact, 3 in 4 adults say that sight is the most important sense that we as humans possess. However, we are doing a very good job of protecting our eyes which we consider to be so valuable because we are not educated how to do. The part of our face that protect our eyes is our eyelid. Their job is to prevent dust and other particles from affecting our sight. They play a very critical role, yet go unnoticed. The eyelid is the one spot on the face that most people miss when putting sunscreen on. This lack of eye protection can potentially lead to many problems such as skin cancer on eyelid.

Eye Protection From Skin Cancer on Eyelid

Skin Cancer On the Eyelid

The eyelid is a particular part of the face that is very susceptible to skin cancer. In fact, it accounts for nearly 10% of all skin cancer. The rate of rapid skin cancer is a great concern to dermatologists and patients. Potentially, if skin cancer develops on the eyelid, it can cause significant tissue damage and even blindness. Around 90% of all eyelid cancers are basal cell carcinomas (BCC's). BCC's is an abnormal uncontrolled growth or lesion that arise in the skin's basal cells which is the outermost layer of skin.

Detect & Treat

When it comes to cancer in general, it is always critical to find it early on. This way is the best chance of defeating it. However, when it comes to detecting skin cancer in the eyelid, it may be difficult. Because eyelid tumors often grow under the skin for years before presenting on the surface. Early warning signs to look for :

  • A lump or bump that frequently bleeds or do not disappear
  • Persistent red eye or inflammation
  • Unexplained loss of eyelashes

When it comes to treating skin cancer on the eyelids, the main option is micrographic surgery. What this does is removing layer by layer until the skin removed is cancer free.


The best way to prevent any sort of skin cancer from forming on the eyelid is having good eye protection. Sunscreens and moisturizers specially formulated for the eye area are the most beneficial to prevent skin cancer. Another great option which can also be very fashionable is wearing a nice pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses do a great job of protecting your eyes from harmful rays. At SportRx, we have many great options for both men and women sunglasses to protect from any sun damage. We even can make a pair of sunglasses in your prescription. Our opticians are on hand 7 days a week eagerly waiting to assist you. Visit the SportRx website today to learn more.