If you have a long commute to and from work, it is important to be comfortable during your drive. Prescription sunglasses are the perfect way to prepare yourself for those many hours spent in traffic or worse, lost. Sunglasses will shield you from the beams of bright light hitting you right in the eyes. Having prescription glasses when driving is sometimes necessary by law for some people, depending on how bad their eyesight is. Regardless, most people have corrected vision and seeing the road more clearly would be a big benefit to many!

Sunglasses and Driving

Use Sunglasses When Driving

Wear Polarized Shades When on The Road

If the sun plays a big role in your everyday life, it is necessary to use sunglasses on your drive to stop the glare. It is especially important to have your sunglasses polarized. Polarized lenses will help against reflections and will reduce as much extra glare as possible. There are many more reflections getting in your eyes than you think. Light reflects off wet roads, surrounding bodies of water, signs, other cars, buildings, and more! It is hard to realize how crucial sunglasses are for driving until you actually use them. Why put so much strain on your eyes?! Now, you don’t need to. You especially won’t put unnecessary stress if they are prescription glasses as well!

Driving in the sun

Sunny Day Driving

Don't Forget Prescription Glasses While You Drive

Having a pair of prescription sunglasses is going to be life-changing! Poor eyesight and sunshine won’t stop you from seeing! Prescription sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but it will help from the everyday strain of not wearing glasses. Reading street signs will no longer be an issue. For many people, it is required to have vision correction when they drive. According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of all adults need some sort of vision correction.

Sunglasses when Driving

Prescription Driving Sunglasses

How To Look Good While Seeing Better

There is a lot more than you think that goes into buying the perfect pair of sunglasses for when you are driving. We have the ultimate guide for figuring out which pair of sunglasses will suit you best. Check out our video, How to Buy The Right Pair of Driving Sunglasses. Make sure you look good in your glasses too! Style is everything, plus that's half the fun when picking out your new pair of shades.


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There are many reasons as to why you need driving sunglasses. Need help on deciding what pair of driving sunglasses are right for you? Check out our guide on picking your own pair or contact our opticians for an extra helping hand on your bifocal journey. Enjoy your next road trip sporting a fresh pair from our Driving Sunglasses collection.

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