The dropper seatpost is the talk of the trail. Over the past decade with all the new technology available, advancements to make your mountain bikes are everywhere. The new addition of the dropper seatpost is no exception, but the question is, is a dropper post worth it? Learn more about this upgrade to consider for your mountain bike.

What's a Dropper Post for?

Getting off your bike throughout the course of mountain biking to adjust the height of your seat can be a pain. That's where the dropper seatpost comes in. It operates by pressing a button on the handlebar that shoots the seat up to its highest height. You can adjust the height by sitting down or standing up. Dropper posts come in two flavors: full digital and hydraulics. Phil personally recommends going digital for a cleaner, less hassle setup.


Using a dropper seatpost can improve your mountain biking performance significantly. When you pull the lever causing the seat to become adjustable, you can use your weight to push down on the seat, getting it out of the way and making it easier to descend for tricks and jumps. Doing this will also make going up and down hills easier as well. By pressing a lever to move the seat up and down, this eliminates having to get on and off the bike to adjust the seat manually.


Aside from the convenience, the one con about the dropper seatpost is that it's not cheap. Unfortunately, purchasing and getting one installed can be anywhere from 300-600 dollars. As mentioned earlier, the electric versions are even more expensive than their hydraulic counterparts.


It all comes down to money. Cheaping out on the dropper post could lead to more problems if you're planning to ride hard, but sinking 6 bills on an upgrade some might call a convenience is a big ask. But if you're someone who likes on-demand control of your ride, the dropper seat could be the next upgrade for your mountain bike.