ATVs, or all terrain vehicles, come in a variety of forms. Some are designed for work, while others are geared towards play. ATVs can accommodate anywhere from one to four people depending on the vehicle. Are you ready for some off-road adventure? Follow along as we cover the different types of ATVs.

Sport ATVs

Sport ATVs are for the thrill seekers out there. Built for speeding, sliding, and swerving, you're guaranteed to feel the wind in your face on one of these vehicles. Under your helmet, of course. These ATVs are stacked with powerful engines, long travel suspension, and excellent handling. Whether you're on a desert trail, in sand dunes, or on a track, sport ATVs offer an exhilarating experience that allows the rider to feel connected with the vehicle.

Side-by-side ATVs

These ATVs are called side-by-sides because of the two front seats, and sometimes two back seats. Unlike utility or sport ATVs, side-by sides have a steering wheel rather than handle bars, foot pedals, seat belts, and a roll bar. You and your passengers sit inside the vehicle, just like a car. The difference is that side-by-sides are beefed up to conquer off-road terrain. You can spot side-by-sides in snow, desert, and dunes; with this type of ATV, the world is your playground!

Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs have engines that are powerful enough to navigate a variety of terrains, but not powerful enough to match up to a sport ATV. They're primarily used for heavy-work purposes, like hauling cargo or plowing fields or snow. Although they're not as fast or agile as sport ATVs, utility ATVs comfortably fit two people and have better ground clearance. Since your utility ATV isn't being ripped around at top speeds, they tend to require less maintenance and last longer than their thrill-seeking cousin.

Youth ATVs

Riding is no longer limited to grown folk! In this day and age, priceless memories can be made as you tear through the dirt with your mini-me by your side. And don't worry, you don't have to sacrifice safety or your peace of mind. Youth ATVs are tailored to your child's size and level of experience. Kids as young as four years old can begin with electric starts and automatic clutches to teach them the feel for the different gears and how to shift through them. However coordinated your youth, there's an ATV fit for them.


Youth ATVs