Captain James Cook was an epic explorer, navigator, and cartographer, and we believe there's a little of him in all of us. Bring out that side of you with a pair of some beautifully crafted Costa Cook sunglasses. Combining style and durability, these Captain Cook-inspired glasses will equip you to take on any adventure. Take a look at the finer details of a new frame favorite:

The Finer Details of Costa Cook Sunglasses

Costa Cook Sunglasses are built with corrosion-free titanium and are unbelievably lightweight. The 100% UV blockage will provide you with maximum protection and 100% polarization, sure to deflect any glares. Costa's 580 technology goes beyond polarization to produce the clearest lenses possible. The straight back temples still have a slight hook to fit securely on the face, and can even be worn comfortably under a hat. Costa Cook sunglasses will stay put as you chart unfamiliar and unpredictable waters. The frame fit is a 'large' and is available in a variety of colors!
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Costa Cook sunglasses perfectly combine style and performance, bringing you sunglasses that are perfect for every occasion, and they're bound to be your new go-to's. These Costa sunglasses are bound to be your new go-to frame. The pair that can be dressed up or down without compromising optimized quality and tech on any given day. So whether you're rockin' a button down shirt or a swimsuit, these Costa sunglasses have you looking your best.

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Costa Cook Prescription Sunglasses Available Online at SportRx!

Could this discovery get any better? Yes! Costa Cook sunglasses are even available in prescription! Looking to buy a pair of Costa prescription sunglasses or non-prescription sunglasses? Contact a friendly optician at SportRx and we'll be sure to help you navigate your way toward owning a pair of Costa Cooks.

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